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September 20, 2022 Serum
[INQ. NO. 2209C50] LizK First C Pink Serum Pure Vitamin C is a product that inherits the remarkable legacy of LizK First C Serum in yellow color, which has set a new record of cumulative sales of over 20 million bottles and of over KRW 230 billion since its launch. This is a new vitamin C serum that has been upgraded in its efficacy.


In addition to 15% of pure vitamin C, it has 38% of the patented LIZK Pink Vitamin™’, which contains 15 kinds of antioxidant flower extracts such as hibiscus, camellia, peony, and rose — to enhance skin elasticity, moisture, and wrinkle improvement. In particular, it underwent the largest number of clinical trials in Korea regarding wrinkle relief.



Unlike other vitamin C products, which are easily destroyed by heat and light, this is a patented stabilized vitamin C that was made based on the company’s unique stabilization method developed following years of research. The company used the way ointment gets absorbed into the skin to deliver the vitamins deep and strongly into the skin.


It is the only non-package product sold on home shopping channels that have been loved by consumers for eight years and have always won first place in the vitamin serum category.



Introduced in K-Beauty On NY held in New York, the USA in August 2022, it attracted buyers via various channels in the USA while receiving positive feedback from clients. Currently, it is preparing to advance into U.S. home shopping and local channels. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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