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September 20, 2022 Persimmon
[INQ. NO. 2209C28] Dadidan Natural Half-Dried Persimmon, specialties of Cheongdo county in North Gyeongsang province, are sweet and seedless. In addition, they contain various nutritional and healthful ingredients and can be enjoyed by all.

Persimmons selected for drying are peeled and slowly dried at low temperatures and in the cold wind, which sweetens the flavor and maintains the scent, color, ingredients, and quality of the fruit.

Dehydrating the persimmons three times elevates the chewy texture and completely eliminates the astringency of semi-dried persimmons.



Once they have gone through all the manufacturing processes, semi-dried persimmons have a moisture content of 60% and 30 Brix of sweetness. They will be chewy on the outside yet soft as ripe persimmon on the inside.


Dried Persimmon
Dadidan Soft & Moist Dried Persimmon undergoes the same manufacturing process as semi-dried persimmons, and they are cut into three to four small pieces that are easy to eat after peeling. The sweetness level increases during the drying process at a low temperature and in the cold wind, and the texture becomes nice and chewy with the color maintained as it was originally.



As it contains vitamins, minerals, and natural compounds obtained from vegetables that function as antioxidants, it is effective for strengthening the immunity of the human body, slowing down aging and preventing colds, and for recovering from fatigue.

The dried persimmons after all the manufacturing processes contain about 35% moisture and more than 50 Brix of sugar, resulting in a higher sweetness than semi-dryness.

Dadidan Cool & Sweet Icy Soft Persimmon is made by peeling persimmons without seeds, which maintains their natural sweetness.

A variety of dishes can be made with persimmons using a number of different recipes. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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