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September 26, 2022 Products
[INQ. NO. 2209C06] Zoeun Skin contains healthful ingredients from sturgeon and has excellent absorption and moisturizing power thanks to its natural ingredients similar to the skin of a human. In addition, it makes the skin healthier, clearer, natural and glistening by supplying sufficient nutrition to the skin. The product makes the skin feel healthy and revitalized through consistent use and helps to recover elasticity.


Zoeun Skin Siberian Sturgeon Gel contains over 99% Siberian sturgeon extract and natural aromatics without mixing any purified water. Extra attention also has been focused on the efficiency of this product. There is continuous research on the raw material so that the product can be used as a source material for sanitary aid as well in future based on the selfconducted tests, and it is expected that sturgeon will be a source for a wide variety of products.



The ingredients in sturgeon contain high nutrients of low fat and high protein, have excellent effects to reduce inflammation, and dissolve the heavy metals in the body and discharge them from the body.


It is known that such sturgeon ingredients contain Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and selenium-rich ingredients, which have the functions of anti-aging and improving blood circulation due to hematopoiesis, cell regeneration and blood purification, and making bones and cartilages healthy, as well as effectively preventing dementia thanks to the function of nerve-cell regeneration.


Since its establishment in 2015, Gynong Co., Ltd. has been producing quasi-drugs and health foods based on sturgeon such as sturgeon extract, refined sturgeon oil, sturgeon pills, as well as cosmetics including toner, moisturizing cream, nourishing cream, eye cream, total conditioner, total cleanser, masks, and vaginal moisturizer.


The 100% natural raw materials, containing the nutritional ingredients of sturgeon, are water-soluble and can be consumed in various ways. In particular, The Zoeun, a skin toner, boasts excellent skin absorbency and moisturizing properties, thereby making the skin clear, radiant and healthy. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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