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November 24, 2022

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 2211C86] Korean traditional yakju and takju produced by the Goryeo Foundry Agricultural Corporation are made from rice grown in Korea. Because CA is carefully brewed using special scientific technology that controls fermentation caused by yeast funguses, the fermentation activities of the beneficial bacteria can be controlled.

Its shelf life can be extended and the beneficial bacteria can remain active during the shelf life, making CA sweeter, softer, and more sparkling for everyone to enjoy.



Other special alcoholic beverages include Raspberry Wine, Udo Peanut Wine, Corn Wine, Deodeok Wine, Chestnut Wine, and Oppa Makgeolli. Each ingredient is rich in essential nutrients, such as amino acid, collagen, vitamin, vegetable protein, etc. The manufacturer increased the palatability of each ingredient to strengthen taste, scent and nutrition while ensuring that the nutrients can be digested more effectively, and suppressing the proliferation of putrid microorganisms.

It is a healthy alcoholic drink manufactured by brewing various grains and adding yeast in special storage space, filtering out impurities and adding fermented liquids extracted from medicinal herbs. Each product presents a unique taste and scent and contains live yeast with medical benefits required by the human body.

It is nutritionally better than other types of liquor and contains sugar, amino acid and organic acid created when the raw materials are decomposed by the enzyme action of the yeast; collagen; fermented vegetable protein; and so forth.



Low-alcohol Fruit Soju
Goryeo’s low-alcohol, fruit-tasting sojus with various alcohol levels such as Green Grape Wine, Strawberry Wine, Raspberry Wine, Cider, and Tomato Juice are made from fruit juice, which is beneficial to one’s health. It greatly reduces hangovers and helps improve health thanks to low alcohol content and nourishing fruit ingredients.



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