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November 24, 2022 Moxibustion
[INQ. NO. 2211C64] Unlike conventional moxibustion instruments using heat to burn the skin, Handheld Moxibustion generates heat shock protein (HSP) by stimulating the cells with the near-infrared rays generated during moxibustion to protect the intracellular protein and repair damage. This promotes the survival of cells and restores damage at the cellular level.

Using the same mechanism as the near-infrared light therapy generally used in hospitals, the moxibustion can be the most effective biostimulation method for health promotion thanks to its light, thermal effects, as well as pharmacological effects of mugwort.

Having dramatically improved the problems and side effects of existing moxibustion instruments that cause burns, pain, scars, etc., Handheld Moxibustion is designed for atopic children and can be used for any symptom, from simple colds to intractable diseases.



Self-treatment is possible by using the handle in a short time without even knowledge of acupuncture points. The bottom of the body is opened to maximize the effect of light therapy. It is also safe and effective by applying scientific principles such as thermodynamics, gas mechanics, optics, and ergonomics.

C.Soln recently completed a formal skin clinical trial that went through IRB. The significant probability of clinical trial results is 0.001%. This means it has a positive effect for 99.9% of users. It has been proved that the skin can be improved by the treatment of Moxibustion.

According to this clinical result, skin improvement is possible with Moxibustion. It can be inferred that meaningful treatment is possible for other symptoms as well. There were no side effects.


Face Moxibustion
Face Moxibustion is an instrument developed for oral diseases in the teeth and gums, which works on the mouth that is difficult to treat with Handheld Moxibustion, and has a stronger therapeutic effect. It is useful for treating various symptoms including small wounds, acne, corns, and boils, and it is more economical by causing less smoke thanks to the small amount of mugwort.

C.Soln Co., Ltd. is a leading eco-friendly Oriental medicine science company, developing various moxibustion instruments to maximize its therapeutic effect through intensive research on the scientific mechanism of moxibustion treatment.
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