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December 27, 2022

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 2212C28] SMIM Pot is a bottom-watering pot that consists of an exterior pot and an interior liner, separable from each other. When planting a plant inside the interior liner made of ceramic and putting it inside the exterior pot after filling it with water, an adequate amount of water goes to the plant through the delicate holes of the interior liner’s surface.

After the pottery is baked at the right temperature based on Korea’s unique pottery techniques, fine holes that are of the same size are created to control the amount of water that gets absorbed. Anyone can easily grow plants using the bottom-watering technique, as long as the exterior pot is filled with water once per month.



Bottom-watering pots are based on the same technique as the osmotic pressure method applied to containers used for storing kimchi, Korea’s representative fermented food. SMIM Pot has obtained a utility model registration.

The exterior pot is made of recycled plastic bottles and waste produced from mask production. Although slightly different depending on the size, 11 500ml PET bottles based on SMIM 15 and 260 masks based on SMIM32 are recycled.

SMIM pot, a new concept plant pot with a double structure, was developed by Welgro in collaboration with doctors from the Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology, and then reborn as a self-watering pot by Wellgrow and Tree Planet in a new design and functions with the outer and inner pots separated.



Welgro & Tree Planet have been producing SMIM Pot and successfully settled in the Korean market.

SMIM Pot has been sold approximately 125,000 units, among which about 27,700 were supplied to schools – 51,500 students in 2,060 classes for 152 schools, and. about 97,300 units were sold to businesses or individuals.



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