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February 27, 2023 Sponge Waterdrop
[INQ. NO. 2302C05] Dr.Lola, made by adding glucosamine, the main ingredient of konjac sponges, effectively absorbs moisture and sebum and leaves the skin deeply cleansed. Made in the form of a mesh structure, the product perfectly removes waste and oil from the skin, as it creates a lot of foam simply with soap. Konjac, which is low alkaline, is neutralized, to softly and gently wash off the waste and dead skin cells from the skin, which has sub acidity.

In addition, the product, which is made of 100% natural konjac, creates rich foams without skin irritation with its vegetable network structure. It is ideal for even young babies and children of all skin types to use and take a shower with. Since konjac, grown in Jeju, the cleanest island in Korea, has a softer group structure compared to cotton gauzes, sponges, and nylon tiles, it prevents skin texture damage and loss of moisture in the skin protection barrier. It is also ideal for sensitive skin as it does not cause much irritation.



Eye Patch
Lolacoya Patch, Composed of iron, BA, and flower, is a hydrogel-type sheet that is non-adhesive and provides a fresh and moist texture.

Containing extracts of red ginseng and magnolia fruit, it nourishes the skin and makes it look radiant.

The BA patch contains 0.045ppm of hyaluronic acid and oligopeptide-1 (EGF) to help maintain moisture around the eyes and create radiant skin. The flower patch contains camellia flower water, Lilium candidum flower extract, peony flower, magnolia extract, and cherry flower extract to make the skin shiny.

Babawawa Factory Co., Ltd. has recently launched its new global brand, Dr. Lola, which is dedicated to leading the beauty industry with its unique and differentiated product line, Dotni Lola. It is actively exported to China and Hong Kong as well as domestic markets including retailers such as Watson’s, Olive Young, Sephora, Sasa, Dangsamchae, Liang Ga-in, Mannings, Jingdong, Taobao, and T-Mall.

Dr. Lola has already gained recognition in North America and Latin America for its technology in both online and offline markets. The company is known for its cosmetics and fashion products.
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