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March 29, 2023

http://korean-products.com/inquiryThe History and Types of Farmed Seaweed in the Far East
[INQ. NO. 2303C24] ALaver, also known as “Gim” in Korea, “nori” in Japan, and “zicài” in China, has a rich history in the Far East. According to legend, a person named Kim Yeo-ik settled in Gwangyang-si, Jeollanam-do, South Korea. in 1640 and popularized the seaweed that he ate and harvested.
The current name “Gim” comes from his surname (The Korean surname ‘Kim” sounds more like “Gim” in the Korean language). This marked the beginning of laver farming in Korea. Laver is mainly distributed in areas with muddy fields in the temperate zone and is primarily found in Northeast Asia, including the west and south coasts of Korea, the southeast coast of Japan, and the east coast of China.

While seaweed has been discovered on beaches worldwide and aquaculture research is underway in many places, the Far East remains a major center for seaweed production for human consumption. There are approximately 50 species of seaweed known worldwide, but in Korea, 20 species are known and 10 species are being harvested.

One of the main species farmed in Korea is Porphyra tenera kjellman, which grows mainly in estuaries where a lot of river water flows into the sea. This species grows to a large size and appears in various shapes such as elliptical and ovate at maturity. It is also known for its many wrinkles on the edges. Another species, Porphyra tenera kjellman form tamatsuensis miura, was harvested by Japanese fishermen in 1962 and is a changed species from Sesame Seaweed.
Porphyra yezonensis udea is a bright purple laver that grows in areas with high salinity sea water far from the land. It has a variety called Porphyra yezonensis udea from narawaensiss miura that was cultivated by Japanese fishermen in 1966. Stone laver is a general term for seaweed that grows naturally on reefs and there are several types.
Finally, Porphyra pseudolinearis ueda is a species of seaweed that is being cultivated in Korea with interest. This species grows at the entrance to a bay, or where there are fast currents and waves, and is thicker than other laver species. Laver remains a major center for seaweed production for human consumption in the Far East.

Providing Quality Seaweed Products to Satisfy Customers Dain GT Co., Ltd. is a specialized producer of seasoned laver and other seaweed-based products. With a focus on continuous research and development, cutting-edge automation, and the upscaling of manufacturing facilities, the company aims to provide customers with hygienic and stable quality products that are both functional and productive. Seasoned Laver As a seasoned laver specialist, Dain GT invests more than 15% of its sales profits and equipment investments in new product development, ensuring that it meets HACCP standards for hygiene and quality control. The company is dedicated to growing into a brand that satisfies customers with its exceptional quality and attention to detail.

Laver for Gimbap
With a stable raw material supply and advanced production facilities, Dain GT produces seaweed rolls and household triangle gimbap, which are supplied to large marts and food companies. The company is also actively involved in new product development with major food companies, with the aim of becoming a leading player in the industry.

Dried Seaweed Sprinkles
To ensure the quality of its dried seaweed sprinkles, Dain GT has introduced fully automatic mechanization of the foreign substance control system, replacing manual work and striving to achieve zero claims. The company also operates fully automated packaging machinery, ensuring that its products are handled with care and delivered in
pristine condition. Seaweed & Kelp Dain GT supplies high-quality seaweed and kelp at competitive prices through direct dealings with producers. Building a Network for a Stable Supply of High-
Quality Seaweed Dain GT Co., Ltd. has a vast network of 22 major raw- material producers that have been supplying the required products and quantities to buyers for the past 20 years. It is also working with the Jeolla-do region and Gyeonggi-do region to form a network that handles non-stop processing from raw material supply to production, thus ensuring the availability of fresh products. To further enhance its supply chain and secure a smooth and stable supply of materials, the company is preparing to establish a 3,300m2 refrigerated warehouse. This facility, set to be completed in 2022, will have the capacity to accommodate 2 million units (bundles) of seaweed. Dain GT places a high priority on the quality of its products. The company has entered into a production contract with local seaweed producers and only selects the highest-quality seaweed for production. This focus on quality has paid off for Dain GT Co., Ltd., as the company was awarded the Million Dollar Export Tower within two years of its establishment (2020), and the 5 Million Dollar Export Tower Award in 2022.

In addition to exporting dried seaweed, the company also collaborates with professional manufacturers to produce seasoned seaweed and seaweed products. Dain is actively exporting these products to Japan and Russia and exports are increasing at a rapid pace every year.

The company is committed to providing quality seaweed- based products that meet customer needs and exceed expectations. With its focus on continuous research and development, cutting-edge automation, and stable supply chain management, the company is poised for further growth and success in the future. The employees of Dain GT are committed to providing consumers with the best possible products and are working tirelessly to achieve this goal. With its wide network of raw material producers, state-of-the-art warehouse, and focus on quality, the company is poised to continue its success and growth in the industry.





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