Seaweed[INQ. NO. 1404C50] Boyang Co., Ltd. was founded in 1973 to process seaweed and export it to Japan.

Seaweed provides many health benefits; Seaweed has proven to lower body fat, lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. With powerful anti-cancer ingredient, seaweed is also known to be most effective in the prevention of colon cancer.

This is because it facilitates bowel movements so that toxic substances do not linger in the intestine. In addition, seaweed’s sticky ingredient (alginate acid) absorbs the pollutants before discharging, so this mucous component is an appreciated material that interfere cholesterol from being absorbed in the body. Because of these nutritional values, mothers usually eat seaweed after childbirth in Korea.

Seaweed2Boyang Co., Ltd. has been trying to develop more value-added processing technologies and pioneer new markets.

As result of the effort, the company was designated by the Jeollanam-do government as a next-generation, best-quality product and also was selected as a star company of Yeosu city. In addition, the company earned various certificates such as INNOBIZ, promising export business (from the Small Business Bureau, Jeollanam-do government).

It also holds many patent for its products – patents No 0504349 (instant seaweed bean paste soup and its production), No. 0544340 (salads with fruit-flavored sauce and its production), No. 10-0856835 (nutrients-improved food components using seaweed stems or seaweed pores), and No. 10-1201987 (Functional method with Kelp for cooking kelp rice).

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Roasted Seaweed, Seasoned Seaweed, Cutted Seaweed

kkobangsi_food in 2009 in the provincial city of Jinjoo, not only has it taken the lead in producing quality food but it has taken a major step by hiring the handicapped and the elderly. Its main products are seaweed-centered foodstuffs which are roasted, seasoned or cutted. Not only has it satisfied the local market but it has exported its products to Japan, China, the US, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Among its other achievements are outsourcing to the agricultural co-op outlet, and its establishment of a R&D center. In support of the above, it has been designated as a promising export firm, a venture firm and obtained the ISO 9001 and the ISO 14001 certifications.

Most of the Kkobangsi products contain wide range of vitamins and minerals, alkaline food rich in nutrition, and it is a well-being food low in calorie and salt. Moreover, the company manufacturers products according to OEM-based contracts as well as cooperating with many other distributors. Another advantage of Kkobangsi products are that it comes in variety of packaging, weight and pricing for not only standard productions but that of custom-ordering by the customers. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Seaweed and Sea Mustard

201309w_namkwangfood Kwang Food Co., Ltd. has specialized for more than 40 years in dedicated development and production of seaweed and sea mustard, which is high in protein and various vitamins.

In particular, the alginic acid from seaweed reduces cholesterol in blood plasma and protects the blood vessel walls and reduces cholesterol in blood plasma. Moreover, it is rich in fiber and prevents constipation.

And the products, which are high in vitamin Baand Bnare, suiting the dietary habits of Asians, whose intake of rice is high.

Based on its extensive history, Nam Kwang Food showcases a range of 18 products Some overall descriptions are edible seaweed, Japanese seaweed, Korean laver, Korean roasted seaweed, Laver nori, roasted seaweed laver, roasted season sea laver, seasoned seaweed laver, and Korean seasoned seaweed brands.

To enable a high quality of standardization, Nam Kwang’s products have obtained the HACCP, the INNO-BIZ, the MAIN-BIZ, the environment management system, the ISO 9001, the fishery traditional food, the special product certificates and others.

Moreover, to provide a high volume of sales channel, it has been chosen by the military and a mail order sales outlet in Busan. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods