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April 25, 2023 for Wrinkle Improvement
[INQ. NO. 2304C06] Marine Collagen Signature Sarga-X Ampoule restores the natural beauty of the skin by keeping its elasticity, both from the outside and inside.
Sarga-X, three types of collagen, six types of peptides, and 15 types of amino acid complex enhance the skin’s elasticity and moisture, thus
helping to restore the skin and keep it moist.
Sarga-X is a patented substance extracted from “Sargassum serratifolium,” known for its powerful antioxidant properties. Toxicity, cell, and artificial skin tests have proven the product’s safety and effectiveness in skin brightening and anti-wrinkle improvements. Clinical tests were conducted on various groups of subjects, comprising 44 men and women in their twenties to sixties.
Collagen is a structural protein that makes up 1/3 of all proteins in the body and connects the epidermal cells together. It contains three types of collagen — lowmolecular hydrolyzed collagen with a high absorption rate; atello collagen rich in natural moisturizing factors; and water-soluble collagen that helps to form the skin barrier.
Peptide, a small molecular substance containing protein, combines with amino acids to repair damaged skin by promoting skin regeneration and hydration. The amino acid complex is well-known for its anti-aging and elasticity benefits.

Marine Techno Inc. produces up-cycling products such as biomaterials (collagen and/or amino acids), cosmetics, and foods utilizing marine resources. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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