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May 19, 2023 Patch
[INQ. NO. 2305C06] ACROPASS Retinol Microcone Patch is the world’s first functional cosmetic patch made using retinol stabilization, a patented technology.
It was stabilized by applying retinol to the microcone structure and has been proven to be effective in improving wrinkles and skin elasticity when used once and thereafter for four weeks, through clinical trials.
Through a clinical test, it has proven to have a 259% higher absorption rate compared to essencetype cosmetics; 23% wrinkle improvement effect when used once; and up to 35% skin-lifting effect when used for four weeks. In addition, it successfully passed the hypoallergenic test, which was conducted on females and males between the ages of 20~59 years.

Microneedle Patch
ACROPASS Trouble Cure is a microneedle patch that targets trouble spots directly with microcones and controls the causes of skin problems from within. The product comes in the form of skin cleanser wipes and patches.
Consumers can eff ectively treat acne at home by first wiping the problem area with the skin cleanser that contains tea tree oil, which helps soothe irritated skin, and salicylic acid(BHA), and then applying a microcone patch, which has ingredients effective for treating skin problems.
The clinical trial conducted proved it was suitable for acne-prone skin and can be used by not only teenagers but also adults who suffer from skin disorders.
The needles of the patch dissolve when the active ingredients inside the microcone completely penetrate the skin, and the recommended application time is at least two hours. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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