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[INQ. NO. 2305C08] BAGEL Eyelash Nutritional Supplement is a natural product containing no preservatives or parabens, and BAGEL is a high-concentration serum that does not contain purified water.
This product nourishes the eyelashes that have been contaminated by eyelash extensions, fine dust, and frequent makeup, and applications for the eyelashes that have become brittle and plentiful.
It provides a high concentration of nutrition and cares for eyelashes with a special combination of ingredients, supplying stronger effects than other products.
BAGEL Mascara has become popular in the makeup industry in Korea as a mascara for flight attendants. It does not have smudging or powdering effects thanks to its coating type.
It is a fiber-based product that enhances volume and curling. Also, it has a waterproof function, so can maintain coated eyelashes that are not soluble in water. Before its launch, the product was tested on about 30 flight attendants and they showed great satisfaction, making it popular enough for them to continue to buy them in great quantities.

CROWNCOS, a manufacturer of the eyelash nutritional supplement BAGEL, has been ranked No. 1 for market share in Korea among the same type of eyelash supplements since 2018, which has entered over 70% of domestic beauty shops (nails, brows, eyelashes, skincare, spa, etc.). The company is currently exporting to China, the United States, Japan, and Hong Kong. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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