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May 22, 2023

http://korean-products.com/inquiry[INQ. NO. 2305C09] A K-pop, or Korean Pop, is a genre that has gained massive global popularity in recent years, characterized by its catchy melodies, synchronized dance routines, and visually stunning music videos. The genre is known for its blend of different musical styles and has a dedicated fan base, known as the “K-pop Army.”
In line with this growth in popularity, Seoul-based company Summitree is playing a leading role in promoting K-pop culture worldwide.



Founded in 2018, the company’s main objective is to promote K-pop by exporting K-pop-related items such as records and other merchandise. The company operates under the brand name “Hiduckoo,” and sells directly to consumers (B2C) and to businesses (B2B) in its primary markets of North America, Europe, and East Asia ─ and has recently expanded into the Middle East, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.

Promoting K-pop culture
Summitree takes an active role in promoting K-pop culture by collaborating with local partners in each market and providing exceptional customer service and delivery. The company also uploads new record unboxing videos on social media and hosts K-pop Dance Festivals and other customer participation events to give fans a chance to engage with K-pop culture in new and exciting ways.
The future of the K-pop industry is expected to continue its growth and global expansion, with more investment and resources put into the industry, leading to high-quality productions and performances, and an increase in the number of K-pop groups and solo artists. The use of technology, such as virtual concerts and social media, is expected to play a larger role in the promotion and distribution of K-pop music.
Summitree is committed to playing a leading role in creating a global K-pop recreation culture and providing the best products and services to future customers. With the increasing popularity of K-pop and its strong fan base and cultural impact, the genre is expected to remain a significant player in the global music industry for years to come.
Summitree offers a wide range of K-pop products, catering to the needs and interests of K-pop fans all over the world. From albums and light sticks to fashion items and video games, Summitree has something for everyone. Whether you’re a long-time fan or just starting to discover the world of K-pop, Summitree has everything you need to deepen your connection to your favorite groups.
Albums and CDs
Summitree produces albums and CDs from some of the most popular K-pop groups, such as BTS, BLACKPINK, EXO, and TWICE. Fans can choose from a variety of albums, including studio albums, compilation albums, and special editions, all of which feature the group’s latest songs and music videos.

Light sticks
Light sticks are a must-have for K-pop fans who attend concerts and show their support for their favorite groups. Summitree offers light sticks for some of the biggest K-pop groups, including BTS Army Bomb and BLACKPINK Light Stick. These light sticks add to the excitement of a concert and help fans feel like they are part of the show.
Summitree also produces a variety of K-pop merchandise, including posters, keychains, photo cards, and T-shirts. Fans can choose from a wide range of designs and styles, each featuring their favorite K-pop group. These items are perfect for decorating a room or adding to a collection.

Fashion items
K-pop fashion has been taking the world by storm, and Summitree offers a range of fashion items inspired by the styles of K-pop idols. Fans can choose from sneakers, hair accessories, and jewelry, all of which are inspired by the unique and trendy styles of their favorite K-pop groups.

Books and magazines
For K-pop fans who are looking to expand their knowledge of their favorite groups, Summitree offers a range of books and magazines, including photobooks, fan fiction, and music theory books. These books and magazines provide a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of K-pop idols, as well as an in-depth analysis of their music and performances.

Video games
For fans who want to experience the world of K-pop in a different way, Summitree off ers K-pop dance video games, such as BTS World and SuperStar BTS. These games allow players to experience the thrill of performing on stage as their favorite K-pop group, and to test their dancing skills.

Concert tickets and offi cial merchandise
Finally, Summitree provides fans with the opportunity to purchase concert tickets and offi cial merchandise through online platforms such as Weverse Shop and I-Market. Fans can purchase tickets to upcoming concerts, as well as purchase offi cial merchandise, including light sticks, T-shirts, and albums, all in one convenient location.

A one-stop-shop for K-pop fans worldwide
Summitree is a leading distributor of K-pop records and merchandise, off ering approximately 10,000 diff erent records from both famous artists and rising stars in the industry. In addition to records, the company provides a range of merchandise, including light sticks, photo cards, stickers, and calendars. The company’s ultimate goal is to become a one-stop shop for K-pop fans worldwide.
The company works with top-tier Korean entertainment agencies, such as BTS, Blackpink, NCT, Straykids and TWICE, as well as new and emerging entertainment agencies, to provide a diverse range of off erings to its customers. In addition to records, the company also provides a range of merchandise, including light sticks, photo cards, stickers, and calendars, all at reasonable prices and delivered effi ciently. Summitree is dedicated to creating new demand for K-pop merchandise and establishing itself as a leading player in the industry.
Hanteo Chart and Circle Chart, two of the most reputable K-pop record charts, are highly regarded by K- pop fans and considered to be the most accurate reflection of the popularity and success of K- pop artists and their music. The record sales made through Summitree are reflected in both of these charts, which sets the company apart from other distributors and adds to its credibility as a trusted and reliable source for K- pop music.
Summitree has obtained the necessary certifications and licenses issued by the Korean government, confirming its legality in selling, distributing, or using K- pop music and other works. This guarantees customers receive genuine, authentic K- pop music, rather than counterfeit or pirated versions, when purchasing from the company.
Efficient Fulfillment and Delivery System
The company has established partnerships with top global logistics companies, such as Lotte Global Logistics and Qxpress, to effectively manage its inventory and deliver products to customers worldwide. Summitree offers its customers a range of delivery options in terms of speed and cost, leveraging the services of international courier companies and local mail services. With its logistics expertise, the company has built a reputation as a trusted provider of products and services to both B2C and B2B customers.
Efficient delivery system and reliable services
Summitree is committed to providing stable and reliabl service to its customers. The company’s delivery system is designed to ensure the safe and timely arrival of orders and the company strives to ensure that its customers receive their orders in a prompt and efficient manner. The company offers K- pop fans a one-stop-shop for records and merchandise, with a commitment to expanding its offerings, and becoming a leading player in the industry. With its collaboration with top-tier Korean entertainment agencies — reflected in reputable record charts, legal authorization, efficient fulfillment, and delivery system, and a commitment to providing stable and reliable service— Summitree is a trusted and reliable source for K- pop music and merchandise.



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