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May 22, 2023[INQ. NO. 2305C10] MOMMAKE is a brand that offers savory and delicious protein shakes made from natural and safe ingredients. The company uses only raw materials that are edible and free from harmful additives.
MOMMAKE uses grains and tofu as natural ingredients instead of whey protein to make its protein shakes. The exclusion of whey protein and milk ingredients makes it suitable for people with lactose intolerance. Additionally, the use of xylitol instead of sugar makes it ideal for people with diabetes, pregnant women, and children.
MOMMAKE uses its own steam method to process the ingredients, making the particles feel fine and smooth in the throat. This process also ensures that the shake leaves the consumer feeling well-satiated.
Its bulk products are vacuum-sealed, preserving their freshness and safety for a long time. The shelf life of the products is 18 months from the date of manufacture.
Produced in a HACCP-certified factory, it has received vegan certification for five of its products. The brand only uses non-GMO raw materials, thus ensuring that it is safe for consumption. The FBA factory registration is also completed, and additional certifications such as HALAL and Vegan are possible upon request.

MOMMAKE provides a natural and safe alternative to conventional protein shakes. The brand’s use of natural ingredients and its own steaming method sets it apart from other protein shake brands. With vacuum packaging and various certifications, customers can be confident that MOMMAKE products are of the highest quality.
Protein Mugwort
A new addition to the MOMMAKE line-up is Jinhan Protein Mugwort. This mugwort latte-flavored shake contains 15g of protein and has a warm and savory taste, popular in Korea, China, and Japan.
Mugwort is known for its warming properties and is considered a good ingredient for women during their menstrual period. This product comes in the form of a shake pouch, making it easy to carry and convenient to consume. It has been certified vegan by the British Vegan Society.
Protein Shake
Jinhan Protein Black is a savory protein shake made with black sesame seeds and black beans. It contains 21g of natural protein and is a low-sugar, low-sodium, and lowcalorie option that is also known to prevent hair loss.
The black sesame flavor is widely popular in Korea and is now available in MOMMAKE’s second best-selling product. The product comes in two forms: a shake pouch for convenience, and a 2kg bulk option. Both options are vegan-certified by the British Vegan Society.

Tofu Protein Powder
Vegan Tofu Protein Powder is MOMMAKE’s selfcertified signature product and is a popular choice for diet management on Instagram. Containing 17g of protein, 2g of sugar, and 200mg of sodium, this product is considered low in sugar and sodium, but high in protein. The shake is made from tofu produced in Paju, South Korea, and has the savory taste of rice flour.

This product is available in shake pouch, 500g, and 800g bulk options, with the 800g option being sold on Amazon USA and featuring American-style nutrition information labeling. The 800g option also contains 5g of oat fiber for added dietary fiber. The shake pouch option has a chewy texture thanks to the inclusion of roasted brown rice. This product is vegan-certified by the British Vegan Society.

Protein Porridges
Protein Porridge Black Sesame is a hearty and easy meal solution for a lazy morning. Simply pour the soup into a cup, add warm water, and stir gently with the included spoon. This warm and nutritious meal contains alpha rice powder for added texture and is free from any chemical ingredients, thus making it especially suitable for diabetics, pregnant women, and children.
The black sesame porridge includes black sesame seeds, black rice, and black beans for added thickness and contains 13g of protein. This product does not contain whey protein and is suitable for those with lactose intolerance. The cup, soup, and lid all come in one container.
Protein Porridge Cabbage is a protein-rich porridge that contains cabbage and yam, known to be beneficial for digestive health. Made with alpha rice powder, it has a chewy texture, and it is free of chemical ingredients, making it especially suitable for diabetics, pregnant women, and children.
With 12g of protein and no whey, it is also suitable for those with lactose intolerance. The cup, soup, and lid come in one container, making it convenient and easy to prepare.
Diet Shake
Approved by the Korean government, Diet Shake contains Korean red beans, adlay, and psyllium husk, known for reducing swelling. It is rich in protein and fiber, and helps control blood sugar levels.
It is widely used for postpartum care and weight control and has been exported to beauty clinics in Singapore and Malaysia. With balanced nutrients, vitamins, and patented enzymes, it offers a healthy and delicious way to control weight.

Meal Powder
Vegan Green Meal Powder contains 28 different vegetables and grains, including Jeju matcha, making it a delicious and nutritious option. With 7g of dietary fiber and 6g of protein, it is a healthy dessert alternative.
It can be mixed with water or milk for one to enjoy a delicious green tea latte, and it goes well with almond or oat milk. It is a product certified vegan by the British Vegan Society, and it comes in 500g and 800g packaging, including a Shake Pouch type.
Woman Balance Meal Powder is designed to regulate female hormones, containing ingredients such as apple, sweet pumpkin, mugwort, and psyllium husk. Known for warming the body, according to Oriental medicine, this apple-flavored grain shake has become popular in women’s clinics in Singapore.
With 36 different vegetables and grains containing dietary fibers from the sea, such as kelp, seaweed, seaweed calcium, and chlorella, it helps relieve constipation. A sweetened version is also available with xylitol and a small amount of whole milk powder.
Whether they are intended for weight control, a balanced diet, or a vegan lifestyle, these meal powders provide essential nutrients and health benefits in a convenient and delicious way. With a range of options to choose from, they offer an easier-to-maintain healthy diet and lifestyle.
In the 1940s, a small village in Muan, Jeollanam-do, came up with a unique food brand named MOMMAKE. With a history of traditional know-how passed down through three generations, MOMMAKE is a proud producer of high-quality protein products made using only natural ingredients.
MOMMAKE believes in using only the finest ingredients, carefully selected and produced using the brand’s unique technology. This dedication to quality is what sets MOMMAKE apart from other food brands and has earned the company a reputation for delivering some of the besttasting protein products on the market.
What makes MOMMAKE’s products so special is their unique cooking method. Unlike other protein products, its grains are steamed, much like steaming rice. This method of cooking results in a taste that is easy on the stomach and smooth in the throat, and this is what sets MOMMAKE apart from other brands.
Making MOMMAKE products is a time-consuming and difficult process, but they are made with the sincerity and care that only mothers can provide. The brand takes a customer-first approach and always keeps customers’ needs and preferences in mind.
This is evident in the fresh and delicious food that isensured through vacuum packaging, ensuring that customers receive only the best quality products.
MOMMAKE’s commitment to using only natural ingredients and the unique cooking method used in making its products has made it a beloved brand among customers. The care and dedication shown by mothers are evident in every product and have earned MOMMAKE a reputation for delivering some of the best-tasting protein products on the market.
If you are looking for delicious, high-quality protein products, look no further than MOMMAKE. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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