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June 16, 2023 Pollock Salad
[INQ. NO. 2306C10] Modam Spicy Raw Pollock Salad is made with Pollock, a type of fish with a nice chewy texture and no smell. A secret seasoning recipe was used to make the favor rich and deep.
It’s a type of fermented fish dish that doesn’t smell, and can be put in the fridge and enjoyed any time consumers want as it’s used for various occasions, including as side dishes, garnish put on top of cold noodles, and side dishes Bossam.

Fermented Squid
Modam Fermented Squid has a nice firm and chewy texture as it’s made with fresh squid. Although chewy, the texture is not tough and it has a nice clean taste. Green onions sliced thinly together with sesame salt on top of the side dish are enough to whet your appetite.
It can also be sliced into small pieces to be enjoyed together with rice instead of hot pepper paste, or with radish.

Salted Pollock Roe
Modam Salted Pollock Roe contains healthy nutrients straight from the clear sea. White Pollock roe are high-quality dishes with an added umami flavor due to the delicately firm texture of the roe.
It offers a bit of salty and delicately nutty taste, the original and natural taste of Pollock roe, and a satisfying pop in the mouth. It can be used as an ingredient for healthy snacks for children and for side dishes, including butter-poached roe and egg custard.
Low-temperature aging and not applying any seasoning after preserving the roe in salt can deliver the natural taste of Pollock roe.
DONGHWAFOOD produces products that contain the rich nutrition of seafood from the clean sea using manual and secret seasoning at the HACCP-certified production facility. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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