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July 27, 2023[INQ. NO. 2307C21] In the realm of traditional Korean tea, three notable products – Matcha, Hwangcha, and Jakseol Green Tea, come to the forefront. Crafted by Hankook Tea Co., these teas embody a rich legacy of tea cultivation and manufacturing expertise, resulting in a superior tasting experience.

Matcha is a delicacy made by grinding sun-sheltered tea leaves on a millstone, producing tiny, smooth particles. This method minimizes the loss of nutrients from the tea leaves, yielding a product known for its delicate and vibrant color. It’s one of the flagship offerings from Hankook Tea, certified as Traditional Korean Food No. 54.



Hwangcha is another remarkable tea from the Traditional Korean Food No. 54 category. This tea emerges from Hankooktea’s unique know-how, where young tea leaves are semi-fermented, mitigating the bitter taste of green tea, and bringing forth a smoother, richer flavor. This fusion of freshness, creaminess, and nuttiness makes Hwangcha a tea connoisseur’s delight.



Jakseol Green Tea
Jakseol Green Tea, named after the sparrow’s tongue due to the similarity in shape of young tea leaves, is a versatile tea offering that comes in various grades based on the cultivation period. Each grade carries a distinct flavor profile, allowing tea enthusiasts to relish a myriad of taste sensations. This tea is available in leaf tea and tea bag forms, enhancing its convenience for modern tea drinkers.



The manufacturer, Hankooktea Co., Ltd., established in 1951 as ‘Korea Hongcha’, has been upholding the traditional culture of tea for over 70 years, producing high-quality green tea in their optimally managed tea gardens in the Jeollanam-do region. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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