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July 28, 2023[INQ. NO. 2307C30] In the realm of health and wellness, Bionutrigen Co., Ltd. introduces an array of products formulated with unique, potent ingredients aimed at improving liver function, aiding in weight management, enhancing physical performance, and boosting the immune system.

Liver Supplement and Fandetox are prominent examples of Bionutrigen’s commitment to liver health. Enhanced with JBB20, an ingredient superior in efficacy to existing liver medicines, these products not only enhance liver function but also provide liver detoxification and hangover relief – benefits beyond those of Silymarine and milk thistle.


Slim&Slim and Slim-collagen are diet teas formulated with anti-obesity substances extracted from vegetables, fruits, and herbs. These beverages are effective in reducing body fat, cholesterol, and LDL without side effects, all while helping maintain a beautiful body shape and skin.



Fatclean Meal is a weight-control formula food enriched with Garcinia Cambogia extract known for its high fiber content and fat reduction properties.



Complementing the line-up are the Wehayeah Plus and Nature’s Energizer, anti-hangover and energy drinks respectively. Developed with patented technology, they incorporate JBB20Plus and JBB20Gold to address hangovers, fatigue, physical performance, and drowsiness.

Rounding out the range is JBB20SUPER HEPMMUNE, a suite of drink, tablet, and stick tea powder designed to bolster the immune system and enhance body defense power.



Bionutrigen’s product lines, whether for liver improvement, stamina, energy-boosting, skincare, or lipid, cholesterol, and fat reduction, epitomize its commitment to health and wellness, earning a growing global customer base, including significant exports to the USA, EU, Russia, China, and Canada. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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