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October 25, 2023 & Glitter & Lip Tint
[INQ. NO. 2310C02] TRUE BEAUTY Trio Set is a collection that echoes personal preference with shades like Some Sweet, Some Love, Dear Rose, and Dear Jasmine, earning its esteemed spot atop Amazon’s much-loved list.

Aurora & Moon Blusher adds a delicate flush to the cheeks, its silky, weightless formula offering a seamless blend in three unique tones. It’s a whisper of color, a subtle enhancement that brings a radiant bloom to any makeup look.

Kiss Your Eyes Super-Fine Eyeliner is unyielding against water or sweat, a testament to its exceptional, cruelty-free formulation. It is available in four distinct shades – Natural
Black, Honey Brown, Pink Brown, and Ash Brown, and its flexible fine brush allows for precision application, promising a natural finish.

Lip Tint
I’m Your Lip Tint is imbued with over seven kinds of plant-based oil and cacao-seed butter, it’s a loving embrace for the lips, available in five mesmerizing shades from Aurora Lights to Rosy Lights, bringing a celestial glow to every smile.
All My Things is a brand born from the powerhouse “Powder Room,” Korea’s largest beauty platform, with a community of over 3.7 million devoted cosmetic enthusiasts. In collaboration with Assemble Beauty Corporation, All My Things crafts products that resonate with desires, infusing every creation with quality and love, promising satisfaction and a burst of beauty in every stroke and swipe. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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