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October 25, 2023 Marker
[INQ. NO. 2310C05] TIBENA Stain Lip Marker paints the lips with vibrant and airy hues, providing a lightweight touch and a comfortable grip, allowing for an effortless beauty experience anytime, anywhere. It promises a radiant burst of color with each application, painting a delicate, thin layer of brilliance on every smile.





Lip Balm
TIBENA Fresh Lip Moisturizing Lip Balm stands as a guardian of health and hydration for the lips. It seamlessly merges the vibrant color of lip tint with the nourishing power of lip balm, bestowing a lively, bright, and moist allure to every pout, making them a visage of allure and vitality.


Stick Balm
TIBENA Anti Wrinkle Moisture Stick Balm. Infused with a potent collagen complex, it gently swathes damaged and weakened skin in a protective embrace, offering ample
moisture to rejuvenate and restore its vibrant health.

TIBENA Marine Intensive Ampoule. A treasure trove of seven kinds of marine complex ingredients, it lavishes the skin with essential moisture and nutrition. The addition of seawater further ensures lasting hydration, bestowing a bounty of moisture that keeps the skin lush and vibrant without a hint of dryness.
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