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New-Concept Anti-Aging Cosmetics

MiracleTox is a home skincare program to rejuvenate the skin’s natural vitality as the Micro-Spear® ingredient stimulates the skin while providing rich and nutritious energy to the skin. This anti-aging home skincare cosmetic helps strengthen the skin

Handmade Soap

Longlast Beauty is a functional handmade soap made from natural materials. It removes dead skin cells and has cleansing, bathing, moisturizing, exfoliation, and atopy improvement effects. Excellent as a gift soap set, Longlast Beauty contains neither chemical surfactants, nor artificial

Fine Dust Block Cream

When ultrafine particles (commonly known as “fine dust”) come in contact with the skin, they penetrate the pores, and these pollutants greatly damage the function of the region in direct contact as a skin barrier. As a result, they cause various skin irritations including atopic dermatitis and allergic diseases.

Hair & Skin Care Products

DeNavi Scalp Care Hair Wash and Denavi Scalp Care Hair Serum are made from a combination of various high-functional raw materials, in particular, coffee nuts. It treats sensitive scalp comfortably and improves the condition of the scalp and hair, thereby

Cream Soap & Cleanser

Mondereve Angel Wash and Clasela Mild Facial Wash have obtained EWG below status 3 for all their materials without adding surfactants and oils and passed a clinical test for non-irritation of the skin. They do not contain the six types of paraben, with no

Premium Cosmetic Ingredient

V2G (Ascorbyl glucoside) is made from stabilized Vitamin C derivatives, featuring excellent skin absorption, easy formulation and offering various efficacies including skin brightening, anti-wrinkle, and anti-oxidation. V2G is a conjugate

Customized Skincare Cosmetics

MPLUS Cosmetics has developed 16DROPS custom cosmetics that subdivide the skin into 16 types and recommend the best products for skin improvement according to the skin type. Along with experts who have been involved in the development of optimal formulations including

High-Quality Skincare Products

D:MINE, a skincare brand produced by Gwangmok Co., Ltd., was first created in 2016 through the relentless passion of the company’s bio-researchers and their expertise in seeking optimal skin conditions for those concerned about their skin. D:MINE is a naturalistic bio-medical skincare brand that focuses on the naturalism of nature