JEJU is the largest volcanic island in the southern seas of South Korea. It has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site for its dramatic volcanic terrain, and nourishing ingredients it produces from its lush ecosystem. The island’s products have been sought after

Consisting of K10, K14, K18 earrings, necklaces, rings, baby medals and bracelets such as clutch type, earring, piercing, MT JEWELRY is designed in a unique style. Its main target consumers include women in their 20 to 30s who prefer cutie and feminine styles, including

This ergonomic office mesh chair was selected as a world first-class product by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy (MOTIE) in 2016 and awarded the Gold-Minister Award in 2015. By using mesh material, the back plate gives excellent breathability, making it possible to maintain comfort while

Vacuum Skin Pack is a packaging method of putt ing food in a plastic container tray and vacuum sealing it with a skin film, thereby being excellent in preventing oxidation and preserving the meat juice loss. As it is excellent in preserving the freshness by inhibiting bacteria growth compared with the MAP pack or normal vacuum pack, this VSP packaging allows the

MEDIFACE is a different modeling mask pack with a concept of jewelry. Apart from the advantage that the modeling mask pack that was used in luxurious beauty shops can be done at home directly, it has also the merits of cost-effectiveness.
The product has widened customers’ choice

Jil Gyung Yi is a product that takes care of the odor of women in their teens and 20s before/after menstruation, manages wet and uncomfortable vulva caused by long-time sitting, cares the vulva elasticity and dark skin tone for women in their 30s after

Ryan’s Math Adventure is an educational comic book for elementary mathematics, helping children to learn mathematics easily and interestingly while reading books. As we researched and developed books based on the integrated curriculum that compared and analyzed the curriculums of elementary mathematics in Korea, China, the United States and Japan, the reader can learn the meaningful mathematical concepts of four countries

TheRumi AMF Aqua Maskpack is composed of two steps of firstly applying 100% lyocell fabric mask pack which is soft and elastic, and secondly applying highly enriched hydrogel eye patches with highly concentrated hydrogel with 9 grams of pure essence. Using

The aluminum mop produced by Dahmmi IND Co., Ltd. is designed to be light and strong. Velcro pressed to be kept attached semi-permanently and removable mop cloth holder designed to move left and right can easily attach any size of mop cloth or nonwoven fabric, thus being cost effective. There are three types of products: small size for window cleaning and water-washing of the floor, medium size for household and store,