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Roll-to-Roll Equipment

People & Technology, Inc., possessing top-level technologies, produces secondary battery wide press equipment using roll to roll, roll to roll screen printer, equipment for separation membrane and slitting, production facilities for

Automotive Halogen Bulb

BIOLIGHT, established in 1993, is a manufacturer specialized in production of automotive halogen bulbs. Produced bulbs are the headlamp and fog lights for vehicles and the products are exported worldwide and the OEM products are also delivered to Hyundai Kia Motors.
Since 2009, BIOLIGHT has been delivering various OEM products to Hyundai Motor Company,

Automobile Air Conditioning System Parts

KOR.E INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. is a trading company specializing in exporting and manufacturing the parts for automobile air conditioning systems. Its main export destinations are located in Europe including Italy, Germany, Spain and Poland, as well as Asian countries such as Singapore, India, Vietnam, Malaysia and Taiwan.
KOR.E INTERNATIONAL also exports its products to the Middle East (Saudi Arabia), Africa

Gear Cutting Tools

DTR Corporation, established in 1976, is a company manufacturing and selling cutting tools, such as hob cutters, shaper cutters, broach cutters, etc., which operate the transmission gears for automobiles;

Small Precision Metal Parts

Changsan Precision has been manufacturing products mainly using the CNC lathes for the past 30 years for the product specifications requiring high-precision, and smallsize metal work according to specifications required by the customers.
Mainly, Changsan Precision supplies small precision metal parts used in automobile transmission and engine parts to customers, and also can produce and supply

Precision Castings

Hyunwoo Precision Co.,Ltd. is a precision casting company established in 2000, manufacturing products used in automobile, shipping, aviation and general industrial machines with the most recent facilities and the best technology for

Brake Parts

Stolz Co., Ltd. is the oldest domestic company that manufactures and sells aluminum forged calipers for the after market with domestic technology, possessing over 15 years of automobile brake related specialized techniques, and has gained a high degree of recognition for its high performance brake

Auto Parts

D&S has since its establishment in 2010 been supplying top-quality auto parts that are previously applied to Koran auto makers – Hyundai and Kia, SSangYong, and GM Daewoo – to overseas markets to be used at repairing cars.
D&S is handling only the product that the buyers can trust. It will make further utmost efforts to

Hydraulic Cylinder

HIMC Co., Ltd. started as Hain Precision Industry in 1987 and produced various industrial machine parts including automobile parts, agricultural machine parts, and elevator parts. Since the company was


KUKJE MACHINERY Co., Ltd. is supplying BRANSON tractors worldwide including to clients in Germany, France, Portugal, Australia, the Philippines and the local subsidiary in the USA. In particular, KUKJE MACHINERY supplies more than 500 tractors to Germany reinforced the service network in Europe with the establishment of a parts

Clad Pipes & Fittings

CLAD KOREA Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in mass-production of clad products and metal additives including Korea’s first clad pipes & fittings. CLAD KOREA meets various work requirements from customers with the manufacturing technology of clad pipe and special piping.
Based on technological expertise in hard facing