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Product reports of Korean suppliers, products and brands

Aromatic Humidifier

Nanum Lovepot Humidifer is a small personal humidifier for table use made by non-woven which has a feature to absorb water. It is a sustainable humidifier which is no bacteria, non-electric, eco-friendly. It uses natural evaporation instead of electricity. When absorbing water from a pot,

Electric Air Purifier

Honey Blower displays the state of the air in five different colors. It uses photocatalyst technology to break down into the air with light and can be used semi-permanently without replacement. Equipped with a UV sterilizing function for the interior, it sterilizes

LED Lights & Art Cups

Flower Artist LED Lights is a multi-purpose item and an art object that can be used as a flowerconcept light during the day. Filled with space and a mild scent, this lighting object has been created through more than ten years of R&D by professional artists who

Multi-Purpose Detergent

Silver Step is a certified eco-friendly product made from orange oil. It is a premium luxury house cleaning agent that is excellent in skin moisturization, protecting the hands and is easy to use with excellent penetration and cleaning power. It has excellent biodegradability

Stroller Storage Box

Link-Organizer is a new concept stroller storage box to store necessary items together. By using the cradle included in the package one can arrange items such as cup holders and bag hooks in the desired form according to one’s needs.
Unlike other counterparts, Link-Organizer is made of plastic and double layered silicone, which

Non-Scratch Cutting Board

DOBLE is an antimicrobial cutting board made by compounding medical TPU, a medical material produced by BASF in Germany, which is generally used for artificial hearts. Unlike conventional cutting boards coated on only the outer surface, antibacterialized to

Eco-Friendly Finishing Materials

IECO Block is a functional eco-friendly architectural finishing material that naturally cleans interior spaces by simple installation. It has exclusive environmental functions such as humidity control of a space, purification of harmful substances (TVOCs), removal

Melamine Kitchenware

Eader Melamineware is a kitchenware brand consisting of products in a great variety of sizes and shapes such as classic and fusion style cups, spoons, dishes, bowls, plates, and pots for homes, restaurants, and buffet. Its designs and patterns include white, marble, black pottery, wood, calm flower, a jade green pattern with antique style added on patented wood or bamboo resin.

Hybrid Cookware

General coating pans are usually free from the problem of food getting stuck to the surface, but their coatings are easily peeled off , thus exposing aluminum to cause harm to one’s health while general stainless steel pans

Natural Aromatherapy Cosmetics

Aroma Yong’s three aromatherapy masks give a feeling of experiencing a spa therapy as the blended natural aroma captivates the senses from the moment the product pouch is opened. In addition, the aroma oils and other ingredients deeply absorbed into the

Premium Mask Pack

JEJUWOODA 7 Days Mask is a 7-day intensive care program designed to make the skin clear and transparent, using seven raw essences from Jeju.
It consists of seven sheets and contains horse oil, cactus, pearl, Sasa quelpaertensis, Hallabong tangerine, and Camellia,
JEJUWOODA Co., Ltd. is a cosmetics manufacturer that produces products using raw materials from