LUTHIONE Cleansing Pop is a product with a unique design distinguished from conventional container-type tubes. It can be used sheet by sheet as it is a very small size fitting easily into a handbag or a pouch.
The glutathione ingredient protects the skin and turns into a gentle cream to keep the skin fresh after cleansing. Coming in a round facial

One of the components of complex collagen is collagen from pig skin, which has been popular for its skincare efficacy as it was even introduced in Donguibogam: (Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine). Extracted from marine organisms, the marine collagen is absorbed deep into the skin as it is a low molecular weight

Pure Perfect Cleansing Oil consists of eight different premium organic oils containing no water to provide the best cleansing experience. Its high-quality ingredients deeply penetrate the skin barrier to bring nourishment. After being used for cleansing the face, it leaves no oily residue and offers intense moisturization. It can be used for

WHIMELA Shining Implant Cream is made by using 100% clean and uncontaminated seawater with more minerals than purified water. The bio micro needle ingredients extracted from the deep sea transmit whitening injection materials that are mainly used in dermatology such as glutathione, niacinamide, and tranexamic acid into derma and