Manicure Set

Manicure set includes nail clippers and many other implements for your need. This Anti-Bacterial Nanosilver manicure set is specially treated with anti-bacterial Nano silver properties. Nano silver prevents the propagation of various bacteria, such as noxious bacteria, fungus, tinea pedis, and allergenic virus by a prominent antibacterial function and sterilizes germs completely.

Bell Metal Industrial has been a pioneer in beauty implements in Korea since 1954. We are the only Korean manufacturer which has been running our own automatic factory facilities fully equipped and producing all products through extensive and stringent quality control procedures in Korea till now. Therefore, we guarantee “Made in Korea” and the high-end quality always. BELL product has been registered to over 15 countries and we take pride in our quality of our goods at affordable price and workmanship.

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Fire-Resistant Safes & Fire-Resistant Filing Cabinets

Since its founding in 1971, BOOIL SAFES has provied high-quality Fire Resistant Safes, Fire Resistant Filing Cabinet, Anti-Burglary & Fire Resistant Safes, Hotel Safes & Steel Safes, which are made from own plant utilizing the state of the art technology and equipment, exporting to around 80 countries. The company will continue to build a reputation for satisfying customer’s expectations by delivering the best solution to protect your property from burglaries and fires.

BOOIL’s Fire Resistant Safes were certified by KS(Korea), JIS(Japan), UL(U.S.A), SP(Sweden), SINTEF(Norway), GOST(Russia), CE(Europe), ISO9001(U.LK) and Korean World-class Product Award(the Korean government), assuring clients of its high quality both at home and abroad.

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Manicure Set Manicure Set (TS-970, TS-4112),
All of manicure sets/travel sets are designed for improving women’s beauty and men’s use.

The set designed especially for women including nail clippers, cuticle, clippers, nail files, cuticle trimmers, cuticle scissors and so on. All implements are efficient, well-shaped design.


Manicure-Set_1 Nail Clipper (N-271)
These models are new model line. These are designed new type. We emphasize “7” of three seven brand logo. The level is more convenient than other model.

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Dental Endodontic EMS-200 for Dental Clinic

Dental Endodontic EMS-200 for Dental Clinic Meta Biomed Co., Ltd. More then 20 years experiences in Dental endodontic, EMS-200 are launched.

① Apex Locator
– Accuracy  - Apex Setting 0.0 or 0.5  - Works with Endo motor together

② Endo Motor
– Apex Stop / Auto reverse  - Clock wise – Count clock wise(reciprocatio filing)  - Work with Apex locator

③ Bracket
– Mounted at Uni-chair side (model: BI)  - Cart type (model: EMS-200)  - Basic type (model: C)

④ Heating Plugger
– Gutta cutter: Set temp. 300 degree  - Down Pack: Set Temp. 140 or 200  - 360 all around working button

⑤ Gutta Back Fill
– Gutta melting device  - Disposable Gutta cartridge  - Temper. 120, 140, 160, and 200 degree


Polyethylene (PE) Ball Valve

Polytec Co., Ltd., founded in 1998, is a leading PE valve manufacturer in the global low pressure pipe networking society. Since its first export of PE gas ball valve in 1996, Polytec has been loved by its customers in more than 25 countries. Polytec supplies PE gas ball valve to many pipeline fields around the globe and enjoys its reputation as a quality valve maker.

Ball-Valve The merits of PE Ball Valve are:
1. All plastic design allows longer lifetime than steel valves.
2. The plastic body is free from the erosion caused by chemical substances in the gas (LPG, LNG and other gas fuels) or electrical contact in the ground.
3. Full bore design and smooth PE wall allow the maximum flow capacity for the gas transportation.
4. Integral purge connection for compact, cost effective installation.
5. Massive-designed body is resistance to all piping loads both in mechanical and thermal one.
6. Specially compounded seats show excellent elasticity and toughness over the valves’ entire life.
[ASTM size: 1/2″ CTS through / 16″ IPS/ISO size: 20mm through 400mm] are in service for various applications – natural gas distribution system; coal bed methane; industrial plant; water distribution system and wastewater & sewage system.

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HIFU skincare Equipment

Hironic is the leader of the industry in the medical equipment technology for its skin care and obesity treatment. Since its establishment, the company has been manufacturing outstanding aesthetic devices, providing patients with significant skin tightening and lifting effects. With its abundant experience and expertise, Hironic has exported to more than 50 countries globally.

HIFU-skincare-Equipment Among the different energy-based technologies currently being used in skin rejuvenation devices ultrasound energy is considered the most safe and effective method in treating aging and sagging skin by many professionals. Hironic’s flagship product, Duoblo, has been awarded the certification of ‘World-Class Product.’ Powered by the second generation High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology, the device delivers highly precise medical procedure using highintensity ultrasound to heat and destroy pathogenic tissue rapidly. This focused energy targets the deep dermis and causes a contraction of the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System, which results in skin tightening and lifting of the targeted tissues.

With a 128CH high resolution image probe, Doublo offers precise and real-time imaging of the targeted structures before and during a treatment session. It is also equipped with a larger treatment tip, allowing physicians to perform quicker treatments. In addition, Doublo’s cartridge capacity has been upgraded to contain 5,000 shots, which is twice as much capacity than previous model. This improvement allows physicians to treat more patients than ever before with a single cartridge, further emphasizing the efficiency of Doublo compared to its competitors. Duoblo procedures are quick, safe, and painless. Since there is no downtime associated with the treatments, patients can return to their daily social activities immediately following the procedures.

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Elastic Bandage Net

WON Industry Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of compression therapy systems (LEADCARE), elastic bandage net (SURGINET), illuminated multi magnifier (CIRCLE-SCOPE). WON Industry also manufactures silk suture for medical use. The company’s brand ‘LEAD-CARE’ represents the medical device of all limbs pressure circulation system. Lead-care Pneumatic compression therapy systems are specially designed for safe and effective treatment of lymphatic and venous disorder. Intermittent pneumatic compression devices can compress and release pressure around an extremity and this mechanical prophylactic pumping action improves venous and lymphatic circulation. In addition, the stimulated circulation reduces the complications of venous stasis when patients are not ambulatory after trauma, orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, or illnesses.

Elastic-Bandage-Net Surginet Elastic Bandage Net provides the following features and benefits:

Economical and efficient
– Cover anywhere easily – Unwoven strand
– Multi-purpose cutting for client’s needs – Washable and Reusable
– Consistent elasticity without transformation

Convenient to use
– Very simple to use especially for head, breast, shoulder, waist and thigh
– Fix the gauge placed on the affected part and patient can move easily

Enhance remedial value of patient care
– Ventilate the affected part – Patients feel comfortable – Prevent side effect like dermatitis

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Comed Korea manufactures two models of the c-arm. They have the convenient and most affordable, KMC-650 and the versatile and high performing KMC-950. Comed originally started with a now defunct model and have taken to offer a complete solution and a core plus optional solution to best answer client and clinician needs

C-arm The KMC-950 fluoroscopic x-ray has a high frequency generator with which it generates a high intensity x-ray. The rotating x-ray tube is able to operate for a long time without overheating. The snapshot function provides a high resolution and a low dose. By the fine accuracy of the laser mark device it is possible to reduce ray exposure and make an x-ray point exactly. The computer of the system has a touchscreen with an LCD display and a 64 frame memory. The c-arm has a digital imaging system with which the images can be adjusted, categorized and stored so that practitioners can be organized and reflect upon images if need be. With the image computer you are able to filter images, adjust brightness and contrast as well as enhance the edges of the image. The locking system of the c-arm is one touch to make clinician use easier. The LCD screen too is a touchscreen. To eliminate contamination concerns the c-arm has a large diameter.

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EGFR Mutation Detection Kit

Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) mutation is a typical biomarker, commonly seen in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). NSCLC patients with EGFR mutations have revealed significant prolonged survival rates. Detection of EGFR mutation has been accentuated, as it leads to increased survival rates for patients with lung cancer in targeted therapy.

EGFR-Mutation-Detection-Kit exclusive supplier of PNA, Panagene developed an EGFR mutation detection kit, named PNAClamp¢‚. PNAClamp™ is a real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based assay to identify the presence of EGFR mutations. The device detects a minute amount of 29 mutant DNA types amongst abundant wild-type DNAs. In addition, it enables users to prognose and assist in management of metastatic diseases, which results in the development of targeted therapy to improve the survival of patients.

Benefits of the product are as follows:
– Analysis through Real-time PCR: short turnaround time
– High sensitivity: It can even detect 1% of DNA mutation
– Convenient and quick interface for data analysis
– Simple experiment process with master mix type
– Identical protocol can save time
Through clinical demonstrations with global pharmaceutical companies, Panagene has manufactured mutation detection kits for EGFR, KRAS, PIK3CA, and more. Certified by FDA and CE, Panagene has exported to 27 organizations located in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

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Self-diagnostic, Free Radicals & Urine Analyzer

Bionics is an emerging global leader in the health care industry, making contributions to a healthier life for people around the world. Through accumulated knowledge and experience, Biodoctor is significantly contributing to early detection of cancers, diabetes and numerous diseases that many patients are suffering from.

Bionic’s Biodoctor is the world’s first free radicals and urine analyzer that can be tested using urine sample instead of blood.

Self-diagnostic,-Free-Radicals-&-Urine-Analyzer The Biodoctor features the following benefits:
– Compact and portable design: BS-401 U/F Analyzer is lap top style with a 7” LCD touch screen monitor. BS-502 U/F Analyzer is equipped with a 2.8” LCD screen, the same size as a smartphone.
– Data storage and print-out system: Data can be easily saved on the analyzer and transferred to PC
– To compare and verify test results: Check health status of individuals or groups by diagnostic examination and compare with previous test results
– Certified by US FDA, CE, ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001 and KFDA, the company is prepared for global market expansion, and is already exporting its products to India, Vietnam, Singapore, etc.

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