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Facial Mask

Face Up Mask combines two separate serums to apply on the face and neckline for 10 to 15 minutes and to see the immediate & long benefits in lifting and firming after washing. This product is based on the story…

Natural Melting Thread

With MR Innovation’s own technology, THESERA L, a natural melting thread, penetrates the skin without needles. After just one treatment, you will see the effect of lifting and minimizing wrinkles. THESERA Perfect Double Pearl Pack Cleanser not only brightens the…

Skincare Cosmetics

Certified by the Korea Food and Drug Administration, Deoproce Special Water Plus Skin Care Set provides a moisturizing coating with water drops, Brightening (Niacinamide), Skin Elasticity (Adenosine), Anti-Oxidation (Flavonoid) and Anti-wrinkle (Collagen). Niacinamide helps erase discolorations and revive the skin’s…

Facial Masks

My First Mask The Brightening Facial gives skin a brighter look and improve the overall look of dull, dry skin. In addition, seven plant-derived natural oil complexes, including Eucalyptus leaf oil, Lavender oil, and Bergamot fruit oil helps to promote…

Skin Care Products

Lamiye Centella Cica Ampoule contains madecaside, asiaticoside, asiatic acid, madeca acid and hypoallergenic botanicals, which help to maintain a shiny and clear skin
Lamiye Noni Toner contains rich noni extract

Skincare and Haircare Device

The average lifespan of modern people continues to grow these days. So more people spend their money and time caring for their skin as anti-aging became an essential issue.
M1 is an anti-aging skin care device for home use. Consisting of 4 kinds of head modules, M1

Skincare Products

3-In-1 Foundation includes whitening, SPF50+ PA+++, and anti-wrinkle functions. Its cushion is designed to provide buildable coverage, dewy afterglow, deep moisture, and vivid skin tone. It also gives skin elasticity, natural cover, brighter skin tone, and smooth texture. Lip Tights…

Skincare Products

Rich with shea butter and vitamin E, Nourishing Hand Cream features quick absorption, non-stickiness, and long-lasting rich fragrance
Pink Milk Mask is clinically tested for the improvements lasting for 14 days after use. This product is packed with specially formulated Brightening complex (cherry blossom, lotus flower, lily extracts for a shiny and dewy complexion

Aromatic Humidifier

Nanum Lovepot Humidifer is a small personal humidifier for table use made by non-woven which has a feature to absorb water. It is a sustainable humidifier which is no bacteria, non-electric, eco-friendly. It uses natural evaporation instead of electricity. When absorbing water from a pot,