Polymer Powders, Adhesive Resins & Films, Specialty Compounds


TWO H Chem Ltd.

Polymer Powders, Adhesive Resins & Films, Specialty Compounds

[INQ. NO. 1411C19] Chung Hwa-young, founder and CEO of TWO H Chem Ltd. (www.twohchem.com) was awarded the 72nd Trader of the Month Award from KITA for his contribution in achieving the excellent export performance of TWO H Chem, a Korean manufacturer of polymer powders, adhesive resins & films and specialty compounds targeting global markets.

The Korean company has also extended its stage to the world market including the USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong and Japan, and Qatar. Its export volume has grown constantly to $14 million in 2014, from $4 million of exports in 2012.

Polymer-Powdershttps://korean-products.com/inquiry Before he founded TWO H Chem, Mr. Chung served as a researcher at LG Chem Research Institute, playing a major role in localization of various cutting-edge base materials, including polyolefin products. With such abundant expertise in the field, he has been committed to strengthening his company’s competitiveness through continuous development of new technologies and innovative quality improvement.

Polymer-Powders_1 Most of its achievements lie in the company’s constant efforts in innovative quality control and development of customized products and systems made of polymer powders, specialty compounds, and functional films from its inception in 2002.

The Korean company has been recently attracted industry-wide recognition by successful application of the mechanical grinding method for the first time in the world, instead of the traditional chemical grinding method for production of PE fine powder, which is associated with some problems such as higher production costs and generation of carcinogens in the production process.

TWO-H-Chem_1 The company’s main business is largely divided into the following three areas:
(1) Polymer Powders FIPOLDER (Thermoplastic Fine Powders, Specialty Additives) NOVA-P, TUPATO (Thermoplastic Metal Coatings) HP Series (Textile Adhesive Powders)
(2) Adhesive Resins, Films NOVA Series (Adhesive Resins, Films)
(3) Specialty Compounds FR Compounds (For Aluminum Composite Panel)

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Blown Asphalt & Asphalt Membrane


– Korea Petroleum Industrial Co., Ltd.

Blown Asphalt & Asphalt Membrane

[INQ. NO. 1411C15] Mr. Kang Seung-mo, CEO of Korea Petroleum Industrial Co., Ltd. received the 69th Trader of the Month Award from KITA for his contribution in achieving the company’s excellent export performance in the Southeast Asian markets such as Malaysia and Vietnam.

Since it was founded in 1964, Korea Petroleum Industrial Co., Ltd. has grown into a major company that manufactures and exports asphalt, solvent, building materials, petrochemical, chemical, basic petrochemical derivatives and asphalt concrete products. The company has succeeded in domestically producing the construction materials that were previously imported. Currently, it ranks No.1 in industrial asphalt and synthetic resins markets in Korea.

Through continuous technology innovation and quality improvement, the company is striving to expand its market share in the global markets.

https://korean-products.com/inquiryBlown Asphalt: Blown Asphalt is a bituminous product with excellent elasticity, which is made from bitumen as its main material by injecting air at high temperature, 220~250°C to cause polymerizing and condensing reaction. It has more Asphaltene and less Petrolene than Straight Asphalt; therefore, it has excellent heat-proofing, strong crash-proofing and lower thermosensitivity. Use: for waterproofing and moisture-proofing: roof-tops, outer wall, basement, roofing manufacture, etc.


MorterPlas (Modified Asphalt Membrane Material)

Blown-Asphalt_1– Composed of multilayer film, it is thick enough to provide excellent waterproofing ability, compared with traditional waterproofing materials.
– Made by using modified APP or SBS compounds, it has outstanding chemical affinity with other waterproofing.
– Its extensibility is evenly distributed across the waterproofing membrane, which helps it withstand structural behavior of buildings.
– Its homogeneous and impervious properties ensure outstanding waterproofing quality.
– It has strong resistance against UV rays and ozone.
– It is an eco-friendly product using less solvent and generating less smoke and odor.
– In addition, it has features such as excellent durability & weather-proof quality, thermo-sensitivity, strong crashproofing, chemical resistance, elasticity and water-tightness.

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Compressed Dry Air System


– Daejoo Machinery Co., Ltd.

Compressed Dry Air System

[INQ. NO. 1411C13] Since its foundation in 1987, Daejoo Machinery Co., Ltd. (www.djair.co.kr) has established itself as a leader in Korea’s compressed dry air system business, thank to core competence in technology and successful business expansion. The company, headed by CEO Lee Jae-hyung, received the 67th Trader of the Month award from KITA for domestically supplying the compressed dry air system that was previously imported. As of 2013, it achieved export volume worth over US$37 million by exporting compressed dry air systems to the global market.

Mr. Lee has been recognized for successfully growing Daejoo Machinery into a prospective enterprise with profitable business through his specialized in-depth expertise in the field and outstanding management ability, since he founded the company.

https://korean-products.com/inquiry Currently, Daejoo leads the Korean compressed dry air system market with 35 percent of market share, while it also secures six percent of market share in the world market.

Based on success so far, Daejoo Machinery has been gearing up for new business area – gas compressor system packaging, while doubling its efforts to jump into a global top compressor system.

By removing foreign substances contained in the compressed air, the compressed dry air system is widely used to manufacture precision products in semiconductor, electronic goods and display industries.

Daejoo has the expertise of designing and manufacturing dewatering machine for the world’s largest capacity compressed air as well as the world’s first oil removing (hydrocarbon) filter.


Key Product: High-capacity Compressed Dry Air System
– It is used as an air generation utility in many industries. (Daejoo has the track record of supplying the world’s biggest air compressor)
– The company holds the high-capacity air compression packaging technology, which is the only company to have the technology of its kind in Korea.
– It has a whopping 35 percent of market share in Korea’s compressed dry air system market and six percent in the global market.

Daejoo Machinery, which established its in-house R&D center in 2004, has continued to invest intensively in R&D since 2009, increasing research and development expense. In addition, the company acquired ISO 9001/14001 in 2012, being followed by ASME, PP, U1 and U2 in 2013 to ensure top quality.

As an impetus for new business, Daejoo has moved to build strategic alliances with some of the world’s leading companies such as GE Oil & Gas and MAN Diesel & Turbo.

In addition, as a step toward entry into the gas compressor system field, the company is setting up a new production facilities encompassing 69,595 square meters in the Daegu Technopolis Industrial Complex in Korea.

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‘Trader of the Month’ to Honor Korea’s Enthusiastic Exporters

‘Trader of the Month’ to Honor Korea’s Enthusiastic Exporters

South Korea has become a major player among the world’s top exporting nations. Exports account for around half of the world’s 11th largest Korean economy.

Despite the recent tougher conditions due to the global economy’s slump, a lot of Korea’s small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as top-notch companies have been eager to make highest-quality products targeting the fiercely competitive global market, contributing to the growth of the regional economy.

Aiming to further motivate the Korean export industry, the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy, KITA (Korea International Trade Association) and Korea Economic Daily have since 2007 been jointly awarding the SMEs ‘Trader of the Month’ after a rigorous screening processes.

Every month, two exporters have been chosen among candidates and awarded the Trader of the Month through strict criteria such as the export record, technical development and achievements in the global markets in order to boost Korea’s export businesses and to raise their morale.

In addition, the Trader of the Year is selected from among the Trader of the Month awardees at the end of the year.

Korea’s Buyers Guide, in conjunction with KITA (Korea International Trade Association), describes and recommends these Korean manufacturers that were awarded the Trader of the Month this year to international buyers and marketers.


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KITA to Boost Korea’s Trade Sector

KITA to Boost Korea’s Trade Sector

The meteoric growth of the Korean economy, which enabled the nation to become the global economic power it is today, is a fact that is widely known and respected throughout the world.

In this process, the Korea International Trade Association (KITA) has played a vitally important role in Korea’s economic and industrial development, as one of the key institutions linking Korean companies to the outside world through the most crucial years of the nation’s industrial expansion.

KITAFounded in 1946, KITA is the largest business association and one of the most influential economic organizations in Korea, with 73,000 member companies and numerous offices in Korea and abroad. The organization’s key roles are two-fold: providing support for member companies and working to remove obstacles that prevent trade and international commerce; and on the global level, promoting free trade and facilitating the signing of free trade agreements between Korea and its trading partners around the globe.

About KITA & Its Main Activities

With its headquarters located in the Korea World Trade Center in Samseong-dong in the heart of Seoul, as well as 12 offices in South Korea and nine branch offices abroad, KITA collects, analyzes and publishes economic data and surveys that help its members make informed and accurate business decisions. The association oversees trade fairs and exhibitions that involve its member companies, provides consultation for developing overseas markets, and acts as the link between Korean and foreign companies, and government agencies involved in commerce and trade.

The services provided by KITA are indispensable resources for Korean companies operating abroad. The association provides translation services, web site creation and maintenance support, human resource management support, and a wide variety of other programs designed to aid dayto-day business operations. KITA also utilizes the network of Korean expatriates and Koreanowned businesses abroad to manage a cooperative matrix of Korean firms and entrepreneurs who have already blazed a path in the global market.

KITA_1Another key role of KITA involves trade shows and exhibitions, which have become one of the most important tools for global trading companies. KITA matches global buyers with leading Korean companies through expert consultants, tours and pays personalized attention to visiting buyers in order to maximize business opportunities during the duration of their visit to Korea.

In addition, KITA runs exhibitions in major cities around the world to introduce top Korean products to overseas buyers and marketers.

Furthermore, KITA has lately launched diverse supporting projects such as ‘Trade SOS,’ a new trade consulting and support team; ‘Specialized Trading Company,’ a program to link the designated leading exporting companies with promising local manufacturers.

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