Thermal Massage Bed

Ceragem Co., Ltd. is one of the leading healthcare companies in Korea with annual sales of 200 billion won by successfully introducing its thermal spine massage bed to global markets. Currently, Ceragem has 2,700 showrooms in 70 countries where visitors can experience free trials before deciding to purchase the thermal bed. In addition, Ceragem has established its stance as a global healthcare company in earnest by setting up five subsidiaries with leading-edge technologies since 2009. Ceragem thermal spine massage bed (Model name: V3) is the medical equipment combining Chiropractics, a form of alternative medicine and traditional Oriental medicine methods such as acupressure and moxibustion with the most scientifically advanced medical breakthroughs of today.

Its internal jade projectors move between cervical and caudal spine and massage your entire spine by intensively applying heat (30~60°C) and acupressure on certain parts of the spine. Ceragem thermal bed also provides various therapeutic benefits; relaxation of the body and stress and enhanced immune system by increasing body temperature.

Thermal-Massage-Bed Currently, Ceragem thermal bed is drawing an enthusiastic response both at home and abroad, ranking No.1 in the global thermal spine massage bed markets, and it has also been designated as one of the Worldclass Korean Products recognized by the Ministry of Trade & Industry of the Korean government since 2002.

Ceragem has acquired numerous certifications such as the U.S. FDA, CE (EU), UL, and TUV (Germany).

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