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Smart Cup for Vehicle

[INQ. NO. 1911C30] The tumbler shape SMARTCUP4 that can boil water using the cigarette lighter in a car is the fourth model resulting from constant design and capacity (420mL considering Japanese cup noodle size) improvement after the first product was…

Busan International Motor Show 2018

The Busan International Motor Show 2018, based on the theme of “Beyond Innovation, Into the Future,” will be held over a period of 11 days, from June 7 (Thursday) to June 17 (Sunday), at BEXCO, Busan, Korea, starting with the press day on June 7 followed by the opening ceremony

Eutectic Cold Top Vans

Since its establishment in 1991, Jinsung Refrigerator Industry Co., Ltd. has continuously been engaged in the refrigeration industry and also actively working for years in the field of manufacturing assembled refrigeration bodies. The vehicle-mounted electric eutectic cold top has been developed by Jinsung based on its unique

RCWS and Various Defense Trade Items

FINE Global Co., Ltd. is a professional defense trading company that cooperates with FINE Inc., the best manufacturer of military vessels and Hypalon fabric in the Republic of Korea. As a professional defense trading company, FINE Global Co., Ltd. is supplying not only military boats but also various military solutions such as unmanned military solutions, water

Train Simulator

Innosimulation’s SIMREX FTS is a highperformance train-operator training simulator developed with a focus on preventive drills to train operators and enable them to respond quickly to emergencies.
SIMREX FTS is a full-featured train simulator that provides a highly reliable

Excavator Simulator

The SIMREX HDS model is a simulator for repetitive drills for driving forklifts more than three tons for adults who are driving license holders and targets construction machine operation education institutions and heavy equipment

Diesel Engine & Diesel Generator

Daeyoung Engine & Generators Co., Ltd. is a rapidly growing manufacturer of industrial diesel engine and diesel generator sets in South Korea. The company has international certifications such as ISO 9001 and the European CE-mark with Hyundai Motor Company official distributorship. It supplies good quality

Automotive Brake Safety Device

Automotive Brake Safety Device [INQ. NO. 1803C33] CLM Co. is a manufacturer and provider of its own patented concept products. Its products consist of car gadgets and stationery items. Life brake is the world-first device to prevent things from getting…

Smart Black Box

Smart Black Box PONTUS LORA, a smart black box produced by Hyundai Autonet, is a combination of IoT technology and black box. It is equipped with a smart system that displays text notification to the driver in case an event…