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January 9, 2012



Garlic is gaining growing popularity as one of the top 10 health foods worldwide. Reflecting this growing demand, there are wide range of health supplements using garlic or garlic oil that is widely consumed in U.S.A., Japan, Germany, and many other nations.

Targeting the health-conscious consumers, Saywell has launched “Saywell Power Prostate” and “Saywell Vitamin E” made by using active ingredients of fresh garlic (14.9mg of Sulfides) 5 times more than garlic oil (3mg) or other heatprocessed garlic products.

The main ingredients of Saywell Vitamin E are 9mg of DADS (Dially Disulfide), natural tocopherol (Vitamin 67%), and soybean oil (Vitamin F). And the main ingredients of Saywell Power Prostate are 9mg of DADS (Dially Disulfie), 160mg of Saw Palmetto, and soybean oil (Vitamin F).

Particularly, the recent studies show that DADS (Dially Disulfide) found in garlic has been proven to have outstanding anti-cancer and immunity-boosting effects, helping treat cancers such as prostate cancer, bladder cancer, breast cancer, and skin cancer. In addition, DADS reduces cholesterol and wastes in the blood vessels, protecting against blood vessel ailments.

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