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January 9, 2012

LG Household and Health

Ohui is one of the high-end cosmetics brands owned by LG Household & Health Care. Korea’s leading maker of household products and cosmetics, LG H & H is focusing on developing and marketing its high-end cosmetics, based on advanced, extensive scientific research and innovative technologies. Built on quality clinical research, the cosmetics are formulated to promote the skin’s natural metabolism protecting and reinforcing its basic functions.

Recently released, Ohui No.1 Essence is made by using the recombinant stem cell medium concentration technology. Ohui’s top-of-the-line skin essence features wrinkle treatment and skin whitening functions, removing deep wrinkles and enhancing firmness, and improves dull complexions by removing impurities.

The essence contains Stem Cell Power No.1 (SCP No.1) that rigorously restores aging skin and improves the skin’s natural ability to restore itself. It is created from LG’s unique key elements from recombinant epidermal stem cell medium and recombinant dermal stem cell medium.

The SCP No.1 removes impurities and provides essential nutrients to aging and highly-damaged skin whose natural ability to regenerate has been reduced due to the deterioration of its ability to purify itself.

Additionally, this essence is free from artificial preservatives and surfactants, reducing skin irritants and making it comfortable for consumers of any age to use. Users can maximize the effectiveness of this highly functional essence by applying right after washing.

Since its foundation in 1947 as the first cosmetics manufacturer in Korea, LG Household & Health Care has grown into one of the top cosmetics makers in Korea. The company engages in producing cosmetics and various toiletry products such as toothpaste, detergent, shampoo, soaps, baby products and household cleaning products.

The Korea’s leading maker of household products and cosmetics provides popular brands such as Ohui, Whoo
and ISA KNOX. The signature cosmetics brand Whoo takes advantage of traditional oriental medicine.

The Whoo products are formulated from natural ingredients traditionally used in Oriental medicine. The products contain ginseng and snow lotus and work to rejuvenate skin, giving the skin a younger look. The Whoo products are known for their excellence in fighting against dry and aging skin, working to restore youthfulness to the skin and reducing fine lines while erasing the traces of aging.
The ISA KNOX line is composed of highly functional product groups from wrinkle reduction to whitening and pore care products.

LG Household & Health Care is stepping up investment in research and development and it has launched a separate team that engages in studying and developing oriental medicine’s effects on cosmetics.

LG Household & Health Care plans to make an aggressive advance into overseas markets in China and Vietnam. It entered the Chinese market in 1995, and its Ohui brand made its Chinese debut in 2005. Currently, the company has been targeting the high-end consumers there, enhancing its marketing strategy in the luxury department stores in major cities in China.

LG Household and Health Care has seen its Ohui and Whoo brands gain strong footholds in Vietnam. Currently, LG Health has a 15 percent market share in Vietnam’s cosmetics market and a 70 percent share in the high-end cosmetics sector.

● LG Household & Health Care
92, Sinmun-ro 2-ga, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: (82-80)023-7007
Fax: (82-80)6924-6060
Website: lgcare.co.kr

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