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January 11, 2012

Jawon Medical-Body Composition AnalyzerJawon Medical is a leading medical device manufacturer of Body Composition Analyzer and Blood Pressure Monitor in Korea. Under the motto, ‘Makes its way from hospital to home’, the Korean company has been producing 30 kinds of the medical devices including body composition analyzer & blood pressure monitor and contributing its effort to one’s health and abundant life.

Jawon Medical uses the following technology. Jawon Medical has been using five factors in the calculation of the body composition since the development stage in 1996. It has been rewarding to see the technology progress to its current level. In BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis), the difference in electrical conductivity according to biological characteristics of the tissue has some limitations as follows.

The human body is represented as a simple cylindrical shape determined by height and weight. It assumes that body composition is homogenous and evenly distributed. It does not consider individual differences and variation of body composition. It ignores any changes in the environment (temperature), body heat, and stress.

However, in reality, the human body is much too different with the assumptions mentioned above. In order to use BIA to analyze the “actual” human body accurately, 5 factors must be considered in the calculation.
Jawon Medical uses five factors correctly to analyze the whole body and abdominal fat. Using 5 factors, the accuracy of final analysis is greatly improved.

Since the establishment in 1993, the Korean manufacturer has used 5 factors in its BCA. Body composition analyzer doesn’t show one’s body composition like MRI, CT or X-ray. Its BCA sends an electric current into the body and measure resistance occurred in the body. This resistance occurred in the body is called impedance. Using this impedance value, it calculates body water, soft lean mass, body fat, etc.

Jawon uses not only weight, height, impedance value but also the age in order to increases the accuracy of the results. Jawon’s technology in BCA and BPM is greatly recognized, and it awarded the best prize, Bronze Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit from the Korean government in 2005.

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