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January 11, 2012


Coreana Cosmetics has been devoted to developing and manufacturing cosmetics and beauty-care products since it was established in 1988 to pursue customer’s happiness on the basis of motto ‘Art through Nature.’

The company founded its own Songpa R&D center to develop high-functional cosmetics and skin-friendly active ingredients, and has showed a solid track record, acquiring 260 domestic and international patents and 410 relevant certifications from the KFDA.

Coreana provides an extensive portfolio ranging from skincare, body care, makeup and hair care lines. Its products are the result of extensive and persistent testing and exhaustive customer feedback reviews.

Based on the years of R&D endeavors, Coreana’ herbal plant-based premium cosmetics line Zain Bullo has launched Zain Bullo ampoule. The anti-aging ampoule is an intensive moisturizing treatment which can solve various skin troubles caused by lack of moisture.

The ampoule is formulated to extend the life of skin cells and slower down aging. The highlight of the cream is the extracts from the crowberry plant. Using the stem cell science, the ginseng root, crowberry plant and other valuable herbal plants are carefully extracted to preserve the active ingredients.

Coreana is using this ability of the crowberry extract to inhibit the enzymes responsible for collagen breakdown of the skin, therefore ‘prolonging’ the life span of cells. In addition, soybeans, and many other herbal medicinal plants are blended together in the formula to nourish the skin and as well as to prevent the oxidation of the active ingredients of this cream. This cream makes skin resilient with EGF, Recovery Factor α, β, Hydroxyproline and White truffle extract containing abundant mineral. So, it prevents wrinkles and moisturizes skin intensively in order to give skin the excellent resilience and clearness.

Moreover, Coreana Luxury Time Recovery Eye Intensive Cream is highly concentrated eye cream which makes eye skin brilliant and sleek with Nano Biosome & LLCS (Liposome in Liquid Crystal System). Time Recovery Eye Intensive Cream improves resilience of eye skin with LLCS applied high concentrating Recovery Factor & Hydroxyproline and ebrightening factor makes eye skin vitalized and charming.

In addition, White truffle extract, so called diamond of earth, keeps eye skin moisturized & firm. Moreover, Turkish Rose Absolute note doubles the elegance. It gives unique gel feeling texture at the first time and presents nutritive feeling after that. Then, it finishes treatment with resilient feeling. It can be used for all skin types.

Additionally, Special Care Vitamin C Collagen Powder Essence is formulated to provide whitening and anti-aging. It contains vitamin C derivates (highly effective in whitening) and mallotus japonicus bark extract (highly effective in anti-aging). This enriched powder essence absorbs deep into skin as it turns into the fluid with the effect of whitening and anti-wrinkle. These dual functions were certified by KFDA. It features changeable texture from powder to liquid for moisturizing and excellent efficacy of ingredient.



● Coreana Cosmetics
204-1, Jeongchon-ri , Seonggeo-eup, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan, Chungnam, Korea
Tel: (82-2)580-8500
Fax: (82-2)580-8509

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