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October 12, 2012

Far-infrared Ray Heating Treatment Devices - Myungshin Medical

Myungshin Medical, established in 2000, manufactures far-infrared ray heating treatment devices for medical use. Introducing to manufacture carbon face radiator and launching it successfully, its good is acquired patents 2 times, model registration 4 times, and design registration 4 times. Now, the company is establishing marketing network in Japan, the United States, Europe as well as in Korea and preparing to step up into the global market.


Item Description
RAINBOW & Sunbeam is the special warmer that generates the pure farinfrared ray (4-18um) and transfers the dynamic wave energy to the inner organs of human body (40~50mm) by the special carbon fiber plate heater. WellFog is a multi functional therapeutic heating device covered with natural wood.



• Myungshin Medical Co., Ltd.
975-18 Wolchul-dong, Buk-gu, Gwang-ju, Korea
Tel: (82-62)971-8056
Fax: (82-62)971-8057
E-mail: msmedi@hanmail.net
Website: .msmedi.com

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