Eco-friendly Tablet-type Detergent

Eco-friendly Tablet-type Detergent - F&B SERVICEF&B SERVICE is the manufacturer of eco- and bio- friendly detergent “Protect the Earth” that was developed to reduce environmental pollution with overuse of the traditional detergents in cooperation with a university’s department of pharmaceutical manufacturing and a pharmaceutical company.

Protect the Earth is the first in its kind in the world. The tablet type detergent is very portable and 98% of its content is extracted from plants. In addition, people can use Protect the Earth for all purposes. It can be used to clean kitchen utensils, dishwashers, coffee machines and various goods for babies. In addition, it is safe to use it for cleaning vegetables, fruits, and kitchenware.

Unlike the existing products, it naturally dissolves even in ice water and there are no floating matters. This eco-friendly detergent doesn’t create many bubbles, creating little damage to the environment. It has excellent ability to discompose butterfat and protein. The detergent also has the ability to improve the water quality.

The main ingredients are botanical extracts such as rice-bran, bean, green-tea, tangerine-peel, halabong, kelp, sun-dried salt and natural lemon fragrance. The company registered a patent application in Korea and the international patent application is pending for this new detergent.



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