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April 26, 2013

cs1[INQ. NO. 1304C15] Megacreate Inc. has been designing and distributing eco-friendly stationery products and design accessories through in all of the process ranging from planning through completion.


The Skylark is Smartphone power-off speaker charger holder which is made by using ceramic material. The ceramic speaker amplifies the sound by resonance, resulting in delivering clean sound.

The large docking structure provides maximum usability, being compatible with Samsung Galaxy S 1,2, Apple iPhone and iPod-touch models. In addition, minimal design and variety of colors will give you choices to decorate your place.

The Skylark has been created by the best ceramic designer and masters with five attractive colors and classy design. One piece of Skylark changes all moods of the room. Once you put your phone on the Skylark, you can enjoy your favorite music in acoustic stream which is soften and comfortable to listen.

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