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August 9, 2013

201307W_Koreas Red Ginseng Insam’s CEO Yu Jyoung Jong is full of passion when it comes to Korea’s red ginseng. His past endeavor speaks volumes: the introduction of today’s Korean ginseng-making technology. With his tenacious love toward Korean ginseng, he did not hesitate to travel the world to make it better. Finally, it all paid off : Korean Red Ginseng’s products.

Korea is the ideal home to red ginseng. It contains a variety of nutrients that are quite beneficial to the body. Besides stimulating your sexual libido, this mineral-rich red ginseng boosts your athletic performance and strengthens the immune system.

The company uses 4~ 6 year-old red ginseng with its unique steaming and drying technology. Depending on quality, there are Chunsam (1st grade), Jisam (2nd grade), and Yangsam (3rd grade). Also, thanks to Korean Red Ginseng’s revolutionary processing, their shelf life is on average 10 years. The other ginseng products are Red Ginseng Extract with saponins and ginseng-added coffee mix. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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