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Seaweed and Sea Mustard | Korean Products

September 3, 2013

201309w_namkwangfood Kwang Food Co., Ltd. has specialized for more than 40 years in dedicated development and production of seaweed and sea mustard, which is high in protein and various vitamins.

In particular, the alginic acid from seaweed reduces cholesterol in blood plasma and protects the blood vessel walls and reduces cholesterol in blood plasma. Moreover, it is rich in fiber and prevents constipation.

And the products, which are high in vitamin Baand Bnare, suiting the dietary habits of Asians, whose intake of rice is high.

Based on its extensive history, Nam Kwang Food showcases a range of 18 products Some overall descriptions are edible seaweed, Japanese seaweed, Korean laver, Korean roasted seaweed, Laver nori, roasted seaweed laver, roasted season sea laver, seasoned seaweed laver, and Korean seasoned seaweed brands.

To enable a high quality of standardization, Nam Kwang’s products have obtained the HACCP, the INNO-BIZ, the MAIN-BIZ, the environment management system, the ISO 9001, the fishery traditional food, the special product certificates and others.

Moreover, to provide a high volume of sales channel, it has been chosen by the military and a mail order sales outlet in Busan. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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