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CMMA Solid Surface | Korean Products

September 17, 2013

201309C_CMMA Solid Surface[INQ. NO. 1309C11] CMMA solid surface is combination of Acrylic & Polyester resin, which is hybrid type and molded in one shape with backsplash and front edge (apron).

It is a new and advanced technology in the solid surface market, and World BMC has trademark for CMMA Solid Surface products that no one else can make it.

The CMMA Solid Surface products provides a variety of benefits including light weight, diverse colors, ease of cleaning, various shapes, impact & fire resistance, built-in backsplash & front apron and so forth.

Founded in 2002, WORLD BMC specializes in manufacturing BMC (Bulk Molding Compound) with Polyester thermosetting composite material.

201309C_CMMA Solid Surface1
It acquired international quality management system ISO 9001 in 2004, and it opened a lab with seven research and development staff in 2006 in a bid to continuously provide better products.

In the same year, WORLD BMC succeeded in creating CMMA Solid Surface by minimizing the disadvantages and maximizing the advantage of acrylic and polyester solid surfaces.

The company has a patent for the “Acrylic &Polyester Solid Surface” (No. 10-0908074) and registered trademark in 2007. Since 2010, it has begun to export to Dubai and it also signed a contract with Hanssem Japan (the second largest kitchen furniture maker in Japan) in 2011 and has been doing business with the company since then. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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