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January 15, 2014

In the era of convergence, design is influencing the industry, economy, society, public arenas, education and culture more than ever. The enhancement of design competitiveness is leading directly to national competitiveness as a whole.

Well aware of this, the Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP) has been actively carrying out various activities and providing support to enhance Korea’s national image and strengthening the nation’s industrial competitiveness through the development of the design industry since its establishment in 1970.

As a national government design organization, KIDP promotes Korea’s mid- to long-term design policies and engages in various exchange programs with countries around the globe. To meet the demands of the digital design era of the 21st century, KIDP particularly focuses on leading Korea’s economic development and enhancing the quality of life by promoting a cutting-edge design industry.

As part of those endeavors, KIDP helps local designers go global by establishing a worldwide network and exploring overseas markets. It also makes efforts in building a foundation for the K-Design on the global markets by sharing the development know-how of the Korean design industry.

Design, the Growth Engine for Corporate Success

The KIDP supports companies’ efforts to come up with designs of greater creativity, as well as their efforts to improve product competitiveness. This collaboration thereby elevates the status of Korea’s design industry to new heights.

The organization develops and supports goods converging and integrating outstanding green/innobiz technologies with design to strengthen the competence of design companies. We also provide support in areas of design management consulting and recycling design. Furthermore, it runs the website – – for one-man design studios and small-sized design companies.

In order to promote exports of small- and medium-sized enterprises and to reinforce their competitiveness in the global marketplace, the institute assists them in developing designs for products of greater variety and creating designs for promotion.

The KIDP also helps local design companies with their expansion into overseas markets by giving them the chance to join design trade missions and take part in reputable overseas exhibitions.

The organization operates a system through which design firms register themselves and make their presence known. This enables KIDP to more effectively cater the needs of such firms. We also select outstanding design firms and support their promotional and marketing activities.

It also supports the creation of new design demands and sophistication of design utilization through provision of design consulting services to small- and medium-sized companies within the industry complex.

Helping Korean Designs and Korean Designers Enter Overseas Markets

KIDP places importance on forming an expanded network with international design organizations and practitioners, through which we promote local designs so as to help them gain wider recognition.

The design institute continues to find local brands armed with cutting-edge technologies and design know-how, and help them build onto their capabilities to advance into the global market.

DESIGN KOREA: DESIGN KOREA is an international design event held to support local design businesses and deliver information on the latest trends by introducing internationally acclaimed design products around the globe.

Overseas ‘Design Sharing’ Program: The KIDP takes efforts to enhance Korea’s national brand and national image as a member of the international community by transferring the Korean design policies, design development experience and know-how to developing countries.

It also helps promote Korean designs overseas and provide support for export activities of design companies by operating a Korean Pavilion in prestigious overseas design exhibits and by dispatching a team to explore overseas design markets.

In addition, the KIDP has formed mutually beneficial partnerships with renowned design organizations around the globe, and are working in close association with them.

Good Designs Come from Good Designers

By fostering multidisciplinary design talents equipped with creativity, the KIDP is making significant contributions to enriching today’s design industry.

The organization tries to find and train designers representing Korea and outstanding local design resources, to provide support for the resources to grow into global star designers creating new design values.

The KIDP helps established designers and practitioners improve their expertise through its meticulously engineered design courses and workshops held in collaboration with top-notch overseas organizations.

As a part of efforts to create jobs and train young designers, the KIDP provides customized workinglevel design education required by the industrial sites. It also helps resolve the unemployment situation and create jobs for young designers by linking education and employment through industry-academy cooperation.

KIDP Allows the Public to Benefit from Good Design through Various Design Events

The KIDP aims to make more good design available to the public, letting more people experience and enjoy the benefits of good design. It hopes to inspire a greater number of people through good design, eventually improving the overall quality of life of the global community.

Korea Design Exhibition: Launched in 1966 as the Korea Commercial and Industrial Art Exhibition, the Korea Design Exhibition has grown into the nation’s largest exhibition, serving as the gateway to a successful career for fledgling designers, and providing a showcase of future design trends.

Design Competition for the Youth: Design Competition for the Youth aims to bring attention to the importance of design among students who are soon to lead the different fields of our economy, to discover talented youths with creativity and design skills, and to help them grow to become next-generation star designers.

Good Design Selection: It selects products of outstanding design and awards them the Good Design mark in recognition. It is a highly regarded certification program that helps companies take pride in their achievements, and enables consumers to make informed decisions.

Korea Design Award: The Korea Design Award aims to award companies, local government offices, and persons engaged in the design industry for their contribution to enhancing the design competitiveness of Korea through studies, developments and promotional activities relevant to design.

Public Design Consulting Projects: The KIDP proposes strategic alternatives for developing public designs through design consulting services to local governments and public organizations. We also help build a foundation for systematic business operation.

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