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May 16, 2014

food_3[INQ. NO. 1405C33] Gangsan Farm is a producer of Sanyacho (fermented wild grass) drinks, a healthy beverage fitting well with today’s trend of healthy lifestyles, unlike many instant beverages, such as cola, which contain caffeine and artificial sweeteners.

The Sanyacho (fermented wild grass) drinks is a genuinely organic food that is fermented and ripened in a pottery by using Sanyacho, wild grass growing in a mountain and the field.

A broad range of herbs, seaweeds, mushrooms fruits are collected from the mountains, fields, and the sea and fermented in pottery for three to six years.

As the herbs are freshly collected in season, the Sanyacho is rich in quality enzymes. To ensure higher integrity, the products are fermented in their individual potteries and they go through natural fermentation without any artificial additives except for sugar and oligosccharides.

The fermented botanical tea has various benefits; it helps eliminate bodily waste and toxins from the body while boosting one’s intestinal functioning and cleansing the bowels. In addition, as a good source of enzymes, it is helpful for dieting, which is of course a matter of concern for many women especially.

Not surprisingly, people of all ages can enjoy drinking it simply by adding some water. The undiluted solution Sanyacho is recommended to be diluted in one to five times of water to be consumed as a tea.

According to Gangsan Farm, the long-term use of fermented wild grass) drinks can be effective in detoxifying the body and preventing aging and obesity as well as improving metabolism.

food_4Since Gangsan Farm started its study on fermented health drinks using the home-grown agricultural produce, herbs and edible plants as the main
ingredients in 1986, the company has produced Sanyacho Tea, Songhwa (flowers of the pine) Tea, Hongmaesil (red plum) Tea using ingredients obtained out of unpolluted Korean mountains and fields.

The Songhwa (flowers of the pine) Tea is made with flowers of the pine that are collected before pollens are blown away and it is ripened in pottery for more than three years.The long-term use of flowers of the pine tea is good for preventing adult diseases such as diabetes, a fatty liver and hypertension as well as controlling oxidation and aging.

Hongmaesil (red plum) Tea contains plenty of organic acid that is good for fatigue recovery. It is recommended to be diluted in one to five times of water to be consumed as a tea.

Doraji & Deodeok Tea is made with bellflower root and deodeok (a kind of codonopsis lanceolata). It contains saponin ingredient and is good for improving lung function, fatigue recovery, discharge of phlegm and so on. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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