Cosmetics and Packs OEM & ODM

[INQ. NO. 1411C07] C&F Cosmetics, founded in 1995, is a research development and manufacturing (OEM/ODM) company of cosmetics with the following

Mask Pack: Sheet, Hydro-Gel, Patch, Plaster type
Other Pack: Hand, Foot, Steam Hair, Nails, Foot Peering
Skin Care: Fundamental Cosmetics, Cleanser
Body & Hair Care: Shampoo, Body Cleanser

Hydrogel Mask, composed of ager, konjac, and carrageenan extracts, has high penetrability into kin due to its adherence to skin and cohesiveness of main ingredients. Also, it is effective in soothing and cooling. Moreover, it provides rich moisturizing ability by closely covering the skin with the high concentrated gel mask, and daily activities are possible even with the mask on because the use is very simple and the essence doesn’t flow. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods