Grouting Equipment


[INQ. NO. 1509C11] Samwon Tuksu Co., Ltd. specializes in grouting equipment, packer accessories, injection pump and waterproofing products . Adopting a top management system and its own advanced technology, along with an in-house development team support, ensures that all of the items are precisely made according to internationally recognized high quality.

Since 1990, the company has been fully concentrating on concrete building leakage, repair and maintenance, and operating many kinds of leakage such as building, engineering works, and road, construction leakage, even 40m under the sea. Main Products:
– Single-line Semi hard foam SW-PU200: It is used for Rockfi ll of fl oor with water, cement, concrete structure.
– Double-line Semi hard foam SW-PU900: It is used for large water-leaking isolation construction, rock consolidation, isolation of high pressure water, water-leaking isolation from weathered soil of shield tunnel tip and reinforcement.
– INJECION PUMP SWM-1000: It is used for leakage of repair and reinforcement of the structure of buildings as well as for joint parts. It is very simple to handle and easy to carry.

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