LED Lighting with Power LED (LED Floodlight 150W ~ 300W)

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LED-Lighting-with-Power-LED-(LED-Floodlight-150W-~-300W)[INQ. NO. 1509C35] The DooYoung SuperLight LED (high-powered LED) lighting system realizes perfect replacement lighting that overcomes the limitations of previous LED lighting. The LED lighting system has been developed with outstanding features such as low power consumption, high optic efficiency, optimum radiation design, uniform intensity of illumination and a lifespan of over 50,000 hours.

http://korean-products.com/inquiry It is a high-powered LED lighting system using four kinds of radiation technologies as well as LED multi-chip package, high radiation ceramic & adhesive, ceramic coating heat pipe and heat sink (radiator panel) and high illumination reflectors.

– The high illumination reflector, which is custom-designed using high-efficiency material with reflection efficiency of over 95%.
– Heat pipe that was developed by DYSL in order to dissipate high temperature inner heat of flood light.
– One & two combination: The combination of a high illumination reflector (16 angle double type, Anodizing) technology and COB (Chip On Board) Surface solves the issue of eye strain including severe luminance difference between the LED and the surrounding areas, dark shadows and glare.
– Heat Sink: Owing to special technology of heat dissipation, the temperature of heat sink can be controlled not to rise high and power LED can be applied to the products.
– Lifetime Guarantee: Lifetime of LED can be guaranteed under optimum conditions which LED maker provide.

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