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October 22, 2015

Realize your dreams!
The best investment is in Gyeongsangnam-do where the perfect infrastructure awaits you

The best investment location

Gyeongsangnam-do consists of eight cities and ten counties, with an area of 10,537.32km2 that comprises 10.51% of the total territory of the Republic of Korea. It is currently considered one of the highest-level locations in wide-area municipalities nationwide to be invested by foreign investors.

1 Some key factors are leading the municipality’s attractiveness to investors – airports(Gimhae International Airport and Sacheon Airport), traffic networks (seven stations in expressway and two stations in KTX (Korea Train Express), economic zones (two economic zones, two foreign investment zones, and one free trade zone), international ports (Busan Port, Gwangyang Port and Masan Port), and industrial complexes(4,874 companies residing in seven national industrial complexes and 158 general industrial complexes).

Global leading industrial complexes

In particular, some major industrial complexes are worthy to be globally known. Located in Changwon with an area of 134, 532m2 (71,368m2 and additional 63,164m2), Changwon Nammun Foreign Investment Zone within the Busan Jinhae Free Economic Zone targets residing industries of mechatronics, automobile components, shipbuilding materials industry, machinery, only permitting foreign-invested companies (currently 200 companies, 28,762 employees, US$ 34.999 billion of production, and export of US$724 million. The total export volume amounts to US$ 20.724 billion.)

2 The remaining leading complexes include Gimhae Techno Valley General Industrial Complex (located in Gimhae with the area of 1,522,000m2, focusing on industries of medicines, metal processing, electronic components, computers, media electronic equipment, others), Changyeong General Industrial Complex (located in Changyeong gun with the area of 647,696m2 in the fields of metal, machinery, automobile, electricity, etc.), and Galsa Bay Shipbuilding Industrial Complex / within the Free Economic Zone in Gwangyang Bay Region (located in Changyeong-gun with the size of 647,696m2 on the industries of metal, machinery, automobile, electricity, others.)

The nation’s third highest province in GRDP

3 Thanks to favorable business backgrounds including such factors, it recorded KRW 95.63 trillion in Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) as of 2012, taking 6.9 percent of Gross Domestic Product(GDP) of the Republic of Korea and the 3rd highest GRDP among all provinces across the nation.

The per capita GRDP, as of 2012, was KRW 29 million, marking the sixth highest position among all provinces of Korea. The production structure of Gyeongsangnam-do is composed of 3.8 % in Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery, 47.1% in Mining and Manufacturing, 4.6% in Construction, and 44.5% in Services, and others. As of 2013, the export amount came to US$51.9 billion, comprising 9.3% of national exports of US$ 559.6 billion.

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