Wall-mounted Canopy PC-CANOFIXGALLERY

  • Bracket Size : PC350, PC450, PC550, PC650, PC1000, PC1000-P, PC1270, PC1500, PC1870
  • Materials : Aluminum, Polycarbonate
  • Bracket Color : Black, Gray

  • Bracket Size : PCA1300, PCA2000, PCA2500, PCA3000, PCA3500
  • Materials : Aluminum, Polycarbonate
  • Bracket Color : Black, Gray


  • No need to use silicon or to weld.
  • D.I.Y. self-assembly item: Easy installation.
  • There is no breakages, water leakage and cracks.
  • Using only one sheet of polycabonate, it can be made up to 30meters without joint.
  • It creates refined atmosphere and is in perfect harmony with urban landcape.
  • There is no transfiguration by Solar heat and PC board can keep its original shape.
  • Eco-friendly products to recycle rainwater with front rainwater drain(optional)
  • Resolving inconvenience caused by raindrops.
  • High pressure water cleaning is available.
  • it’s reusable products semipermanently. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods