Hygienic Film for Many Purposes & Dispenser


Cart-Wrap (Portable) is a Sanitary Barrier Film For Shopping Cart Handle. (and Multi Use)

The Cart-Wrap enables block virus & bacteria by attaching the Cart-Wrap to polluted cart handles or medical facilities. We can remove pollutants by removing the Cart-Wrap at the same time.
-Blocking virus & bacteria, maintaining antibiosis.

-Installation with a small outlay, easy management, environment-friendly material.

-Advertisement by printing.

-Prevention of cross-infection (SARS, Avian influenza, Hepatitis A, H1N1, MERS)


-Medical Sanitary Barrier Film (For Dental Clinic, X-ray cartridge cover)

Automatic / Manual Dispenser (Roll-Type Mounting): For automatic cutting.

Shut off the bacteria covering a part such as a virus or bacteria is likely to be attached, it is a convenient multi-sanitary seat cover film that can remove bacteria while peeling off after use. In public facilities difficult disinfection, dedicated film pasting the handle of the cart and airport super especially. The utilization of where it may be exposed to infection from the human hand, the remote control cover, toilet seat, gym, exercise equipment, PC mouse, vehicle handle, stroller, accommodation, karaoke microphone, wheelchair, the dog in addition to the cart is possible.

It is antibacterial goods of tape a unique type that can be eradication anywhere with confidence at any time in the size entering the bag. Safe antibacterial just paste a quick cut to the cart, such as when using! It is reusable eco material as recyclable waste peel off easily after use.