Premium folk hand towels

“Minwha” is Korean traditional fold painting reflected people’s thought, and this is the Korean specialized product which reproduced Korean Minwha.

This product uses Hyosung company’s high class MIPAN XF thread, so it is very soft, absorbing power is 8 times higher than cotton. You can use this in place of towel.

Usage: eyeglasses cleaner, when used for cleansing available with a handkerchief and functional products with a view to scrub effect.

How to wash : Wash this separately with hand (Don’t wash this with the washing machine)
Features of Ultra microfiber (Hand Towel & Towel)

MIPAN XF is the Nylon/Polyester composite yarn with orange shape. This can be Ultra microfiber in 0.2de by physical and chemical splitting process.

Split XF expresses ultra microfiber’s unique powder touch in fabric, it is used in various casual clothes.

XF is the best cleaning material since the wide area of surface and minutely cross section after split.

URl :

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