SWACOM SW-20800S II is a portable battery charger(i.e. Power Bank).

SWACOM established in 2012, has been constantly manufactured and invested to ‘Portable Battery Charger’&’Multi USB AC/DC Adapter’ for smart devices. SWACOM SW-20800S II built in 8 of SAMSUNG SDI Lythium-ion cell, has 20,800mAh battery capacity. http://korean-products.com/inquiry This monster capacity 20,800mAh will charge 5 or 6 times to iPhone 6/6S, SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 etc. AS SWACOM SW-20800S II has two output port, two smart devices can charging at same time. The most BIG ADVANTAGE of this SW-20800S II is two INPUT Port. This Advantage support 4A input, can reduce self-charging time as many as 60 percent compare to other same capacity of Power Bank. Although product assembled in CHINA cause the unit cost of production, SWACOM will promote manufacture of all product in KOREA soon.

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