Special Feature of Hanaliving Index Cutting board(PE/PP).

To prevent cross contamination of different cooking ingredients, we offer 2 separate boards that cater to different types of ingredients.

The storage case can hold the knife and scissors. http://korean-products.com/inquiry

High density polypropylene makes the board durable and hygienic, with its ability to repel colors and smells from sticking to the board.

Anti-slip tags that are attached to the bottom of the board which makes it convenient for use on various surfaces.

The grooves around the side of the board help prevent liquids from flowing onto the kitchen surface.

The surface of the board is designed to minimize the cutting noise and dents from the knives.

The surface of the cutting board being embossed and being processed, the food has become difficult to slide.

The anti-bacterial effect of the cutting board continues semipermanently.

No chemical additives are used in the production process so you can be assured that no harmful chemicals will be transferred to the food.

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