Secondhuz Seed Heat Pack & Pillows

Established Feb.2013, “Second Huz” has been fastly growing up with the vision of New Frontier of Premium Healing Products. We manufacture and distriblute “Bio Seed Heat Packs, Hinoki Leaf Pillows, etc” mainly via online shopping.

We would like to expand our business worldwide.

“New Name in Premium Healing Goods, Second Huz”

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Heat Packs made of Seeds, Hinoki Cypress Leaf Pillows


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1.Heat Packs made of Seeds

– 100 Natural Products made fo Cotton Cloth, Seeds

– Convenient to Use (Micorwave Oven Heated)

– Aromatherapy


  1. Hinoki Cypress Leaf Pillows

– Newly Introduced (World First Pilliow using Hinoki Leaves)

– Easy to Falling to sleep due to its “Phytoncide” aroma (Deep in the Forest)

– 100 Natural Products made fo Linen Cloth, Leaves, etc | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods


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